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Capgemini India continues to hire amid Covid19 lockdown

Capgemini India continues to hire amid Covid19 lockdown

Capgemini India continues to hire amid Covid19 lockdown

Capgemini India continues to hire amid Covid19 lockdown – While many businesses are making decisions like layoffs, pay cuts, and asking employees to travel inactive without pay, IT major, Capgemini continues to rent and goes ahead with increments and promotions also.

Further Capgemini has decided to honor the campus offers made to the school graduates this year, although their joining dates could also be deferred thanks to delaying in examinations due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“We hired quite 6000 employees in Q1 out of which approximately 4,000 are lateral hires and 2000 are freshers,” said Ashwin Yardi, Chief military officer, Capgemini India. “In Q2, we’ve unrolled offers to quite 4,000 lateral hires and can be onboarding all of them.”

Yardi shared, “We have quite 8,000 LOIs (letters of intent) with various campuses. Since there’s the impact of engineering examinations, the fresher onboarding will start once the exams are completed.”

A few days back Capgemini India had also announced that going ahead with increments and promotions for all junior-level employees effective 1st April. And for senior consultants and managers and above, salary increments are going to be effective 1 July, with increment letters being released in June.

The COVID-19 outbreak brought with it many challenges but it also accelerated the speed of digitization. and therefore the trend now seems to be here to remain. More and more companies will now realize the importance of digitization and experiment with more digital solutions. this is able to mean either getting solutions from the external market or building them internally.

At a time when IT firms like other businesses try to stay the value in restraint and considering options like layoffs and pay cuts, Capgemini India had taken a special road. Several questions arise from this move of the IT firm. How is Capgemini India managing costs? How are they ensuring business continuity amid lockdown? While these questions remain unanswered for now, what we all know is that Capgemini India is replying heavily on digital tools to onboard their employees and managing them.

The digital onboarding also included completing their joining formalities online. Capgemini India’s onboarding process is fully digital now. Yardi shared it involves a mixture of human involvement enabled by technology enablement including automation solutions.

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