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P&G Whisper and UNESCO come together for menstrual health and hygiene management in India

P&G Whisper

P&G Whisper, in collaboration with UNESCO New Delhi, proudly announced Spotlight Red: the launch of five groundbreaking teaching-learning modules on five thematic areas including disabilities, gender, teachers and educators, young adults, and nutrition, as well as a comprehensive National Survey and Gap Analysis report on Menstrual Health and Hygiene Management (MHHM) under the initiative #KeepGirlsinSchool. The highly anticipated event took place today at PHD Chambers of Commerce (PHDCCI), August Kranti Marg, New Delhi, with the goal of empowering learners, menstruators, communities, and stakeholders with essential knowledge and effective strategies to manage menstruation while raising awareness about its societal impact.

Mr. Anil K Antony, Vice President and Trustee of the Navoothan Foundation and Member of the BJP, was the keynote speaker at Spotlight Red. Prof. (Dr) Uma Kumar, Professor and Head, AIIMS Department of Rheumatology, Ms Kruti Desai, Communications Head, Whisper, P&G India, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI), and Ms. Huma Masood, Gender Specialist and National Programme Officer (Gender and Education), UNESCO New Delhi Multisectoral Regional Office, were also present.

“It was an honour to be present for this initiative, and I congratulate everyone involved in this groundbreaking project.” We have proudly observed, throughout the years, that we have more and more policies and programmes in place to lessen and remove the challenges faced by menstruation women in various aspects of their lives; and we aim to bring more such policies and programmes in place in the future.

P&G Whisper

“In India, one in every five girls drops out of school due to a lack of menstrual education and access to sanitary products.” Period education has been missing from schools, families, and communities, resulting in 71% of girls not knowing about their periods when they first get them. Whisper has been committed to period education, menstrual hygiene awareness, and the distribution of sanitary pads to girls across India for nearly three decades. With this collaboration with UNESCO, we are expanding our efforts by co-creating and launching a first-of-its-kind period curriculum that can be utilised in schools as well as for training teachers and educationalists. Our goal is to ensure that the chapter on periods is no longer missing. We intend to empower people.

P&G Whisper India and UNESCO also presented a survey and gap analysis study, as well as a series of short videos depicting various aspects of MHHM and illustrating the diverse experiences and opinions around this critical topic from seven states across India. It was accompanied with an energising and vibrant “Pride of Period Anthem” that strives to remove barriers and stigma associated with periods and build a brighter future for all menstruators.

The launch ceremony was an important milestone in the collective commitment to MHHM, demonstrating the potential of collaboration in generating positive change. By incorporating these modules into future efforts, stakeholders can use the knowledge and resources given to establish evidence-based policies and programmes that prioritise MHHM, shifting society’s perspective of menstruation and guaranteeing a healthy menstrual cycle.