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In FY22, PG India becomes a Plastic Waste Neutral company

plastic waste neutral company

PG India becomes a “Plastic Waste Neutral” company

Procter & Gamble India announced on Thursday that it will be a Plastic waste neutral company in FY 2021-22 after recycling 100% of post-consumer plastic packaging waste. The company, which owns Ariel, Tide, Whisper, Gillette, Oral B, head & shoulders, and Vicks, has joined a select group of FMCG companies in India that have achieved plastic waste neutrality. 
P&G India stated in a statement that it had collected, processed, and recycled more than 19,000 metric tonnes of post-consumer plastic packaging trash from throughout the country, which is more than the amount of plastic packaging used in its goods sold in a year. 
The company is collecting plastic through recycling partners in 75 locations across India, which is then transferred to various recyclers, waste-to-energy plants, and cement kilns. 
Several FMCG firms, including Dabur and Nestle India, have already earned the title of “plastic waste neutral.” 
P&G India has also announced plans to build two more in-house solar units at its Goa and Mandideep manufacturing locations (Madhya Pradesh). 
This is in addition to the company’s existing in-house solar plant, which will be operational in 2021 at its Hyderabad manufacturing facility.

Plastic waste neutral company

“We are proud of the substantial progress we have made in terms of environmental sustainability, and attaining ‘plastic waste neutrality’ is a huge step forward in that direction. Plastic waste has no place in the environment, and we will continue to work with a variety of stakeholders to minimize and recycle packaging trash,” stated Madhusudan Gopalan, CEO of Procter & Gamble – Indian Subcontinent. 
He went on to say that the corporation is adopting a deliberate approach to decreasing the environmental effect of its operations, with the installation of in-house solar plants being one step in that direction. 
“With the help of our partners and workers, we have made significant progress throughout our brands, supply chain, and operations.” We are entirely committed to making a positive difference in the world and ensuring a long-term future for future generations,” Gopalan continued. 

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