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PayPal unveils AI-driven products and one-click checkout feature in bid for revival


Under the leadership of Chief Executive Alex Chriss, PayPal has launched a series of innovative artificial intelligence-driven products and a one-click checkout feature. Chriss, who assumed the role in September, aims to rejuvenate the payments giant and capitalize on the growing investor enthusiasm for AI, which has recently driven US stock markets to record highs.

This strategic move is a concerted effort to harness the potential of AI, a trend observed across various industries. Investors are closely watching Chriss, formerly a senior executive at software company Intuit, with the expectation that he will reverse PayPal’s declining stock performance, down over 22% since January 2023 due to underwhelming margins.

Chriss has designated 2024 as a “transition year” for PayPal, emphasizing the commitment to expanding revenues beyond transaction-related volume. In an interview with Reuters, he highlighted the significant opportunity AI presents for the company, stating, “The data that we have and our ability to actually see what people have bought and know what merchants are trying to target, that’s where I think AI is the huge opportunity for us.”


Following the announcement, PayPal shares experienced a 4.6% dip.

One of the key features unveiled by PayPal is a platform utilizing AI to enable merchants to reach new customers based on their previous shopping history, leveraging data from approximately half a trillion dollars’ worth of global merchant transactions processed by the company.

Merchants will also have access to a separate AI-based tool named “smart receipts,” allowing them to recommend personalized items to shoppers through email receipts, accompanied by a cashback reward.

In addition to these advancements, PayPal is introducing a “one-click” checkout feature called Fastlane, which has shown in early testing to accelerate checkout speeds by nearly 40%. The company also revealed new features for Venmo business profiles.

The announcement aligns with the broader trend in the market, as the S&P 500 index reached its fourth consecutive record high close on Wednesday, driven in part by a rally in technology stocks fueled by optimism surrounding AI.

Investors keenly await PayPal’s fourth-quarter earnings report, scheduled for release on February 7, to gauge the impact of these strategic initiatives on the company’s financial performance.