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Oracle unveils Generative AI features to enhance organizational customer service


Customer service is critical to a company’s success or failure. Recognizing the importance of this for the majority of firms, Oracle has revealed Generative AI-powered solutions to optimize customer service delivery, boost efficiency, and assist organizations in improving the customer experience within Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX). Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) now has generative AI-powered capabilities, which were announced at Oracle CloudWorld 2023 in Las Vegas. 

“In order to create exceptional customer experiences, CX professionals—and the customers they interact with—need quick access to accurate information.” “Generative AI has the potential to significantly improve customer service engagements with the ability to summarize, author, and recommend content,” says Rob Tarkoff, executive vice president and general manager, Oracle Cloud CX.  “The new capabilities in Oracle Cloud CX will assist organizations in resolving customer service issues more quickly and efficiently by increasing service agent and field technician productivity, optimizing self-service, and automating manual and time-consuming traditional tasks.” 

The newly embedded generative AI has a variety of capabilities. The first is Assisted Agent Responses, which helps service agents create responses to service requests by using the history of the service interaction to draft an initial response that can be reviewed and updated before sending. As these new AI capabilities assist in the development of articles for emerging service issues, service agents can quickly gain the knowledge needed to help customers, Assisted Knowledge Articles helps improve the productivity of service teams by reducing the time spent creating new knowledge base content. Search Augmentation allows service agents and end users to get answers quickly by integrating short-form solutions to questions in search and chat. 


The new generative AI capabilities will enhance search results and write answers to questions in Oracle Digital Assistant. By generating summaries of the relevant information in service requests, Customer Engagement Summaries will assist enhance service agent and administrator productivity. Furthermore, Assisted Guidance Authoring will assist product and service specialists in creating and updating questions that take support agents through a predefined set of triage and troubleshooting processes. The new generative AI capabilities employ pertinent subject content contained inside a guide to assist an administrator in swiftly defining a consistent process for agents to follow when seeking to resolve client issues. The final section is Field Service Recommendations, which will aid in field service technician success by offering easy access to educational content in the field. 

“To keep up with customer expectations, many organizations struggle to fill traditional customer service roles and are adding more automation, digital assistants, and self-service channels.” “With the latest Oracle Cloud CX updates, organizations can use generative AI to quickly solve issues and improve the customer experience by increasing service agent, field technician, and customer self-service efficiency,” says Aly Pinder, research vice president at IDC. 

Oracle Fusion Cloud Customer Experience (CX) AI-powered capabilities were created on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The new capabilities are designed to protect customers’ enterprise data, privacy, and security, in accordance with Oracle’s strict security and privacy rules. Prebuilt and bespoke models are available on OCI. 

Oracle states that no client data is shared with LLM providers or seen by other customers or third parties when using their generative AI service. Furthermore, an individual customer is the sole entity that can employ custom models trained on its data. Role-based security incorporated directly into Oracle Fusion Service processes protects sensitive customer information and only suggests content that service agents are authorized to access.