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OpenAI new tool that will let you build your own ChatGPT; see how it works

OpenAI new tool

OpenAI new tool – On Monday, OpenAI held its first developer conference. Along with a slew of new announcements about its language model, OpenAi has launched a new platform that allows users to construct customized versions of its popular AI chatbot, ChatGPT. This news was revealed at the DevDay conference in San Francisco. Sam Altman took the stage and used the GPT builder to create a custom GPT in real-time. The fascinating part is that developers will not have to make these modifications; instead, simple language instructions will be provided. ChatGPT Plus subscribers have unique access to the new GPT builder tool.

GPTs, or new AI agents, will be available for purchase in the future GPT Store. Although specifics concerning the store’s operation are currently unknown, OpenAI has pledged to compensate artists based on the use of their GPTs. So far, the revenue-sharing plan has not been made public. Paying ChatGPT Plus subscribers and OpenAI enterprise customers will be able to access the GPTs. These clients will be able to establish GPTs for internal usage by their workers.

OpenAI new tool

Before a GPT is published, users can direct how it interacts with people using OpenAI’s new platform. Access to web surfing, DALL-E, and OpenAI’s Code Interpreter tool for developing and running software can be allowed to each GPT. Right away, the builder can use natural language to train their own GPT.

Sam Altman attempted to create a new GPT on stage for startup founders to assist them in their journey of developing a firm. The GPT builder tool makes its own suggestions for everything from the name to the profile photo. In order to deliver relevant results to the end user, the builder can additionally submit certain documents.