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Omega Healthcare to train 10,000 rural youth as part of its Project 10K’ CSR initiative

Omega Healthcare to train

Omega Healthcare to train rural youth

Omega Healthcare to train rural youth – Omega Healthcare, a provider of Revenue Cycle Management process and Analytics solutions for the US healthcare industry, has launched ‘Project 10K,’ which aims to provide holistic skilling interventions to last-mile beneficiaries and first-generation earners in South India. 
The company’s CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) objective of skill development for rural kids includes Project 10K. By bringing skill development for gainful employment to the most remote areas, the brand hopes to make a social impact. 
It promises to teach 10,000 youths with 21st-century skillsets over the next five years through a 35-day programme to make them industry-ready. To implement this flagship initiative, the organization will work with a variety of training partners across the southern states. 
The initiative aims to close the skill gap by assisting kids from low-income families in gaining employable skills that may be used to generate long-term income. Youth from underprivileged sections of society in southern India will be provided with vocational and 21st-century skillsets training, including training in interpersonal, communication, and English language, digital literacy, confidence building, business ethics, and soft skills, as part of the CSR initiative. 
A pilot batch of 11 worthy young adults from Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, was selected to participate in the flagship skilling programme. This was done in collaboration with the Unnati Foundation, a major non-profit organization that specializes in juvenile development. The Skill Center’s 11 graduates have gone on to work for reputable companies such as Westside and Quess Corp.

Omega Healthcare to train rural youth

“Youth is the backbone of the country,” Kannan Sugantharaman, Chief Financial Officer, Omega Healthcare, remarked after the successful graduation of its first batch under “Project 10K.” At Omega Healthcare, we believe that business should serve the greater good of the population and the society in which we live. As part of our ‘Project 10K,’ we want to assist India reap the benefits of its demographic dividend.” 
“We are excited to collaborate with Omega Healthcare in their efforts to upskill adolescents and prepare them for employment.” It is a great moment for us as we walk hand in hand with the country’s youth on their quest to realize their ambitions,” said Ramesh Swamy, Director of the Unnati Foundation. 
“It is the necessity of the hour,” Sunanda Rangarajan, Omega Healthcare’s Head of CSR, continued, “considering that uncountable youth have lost their jobs during the epidemic.” The key to successful nation-building is the development of skills. We believe in investing in rural youth and giving them with opportunities to upskill in order to help communities transform.” 

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