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Ola to shut down its platform Ola Play

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Ola to shut down Ola Play

The company that controls the cab-hailing service Ola, ANI Technologies, is pulling its entertainment division, Ola Play, off the Indian market. According to a notification from the corporation, the instruction will take effect on November 15.

The official statement stated, “Notice is thus given that ANI Technologies is closing its ride segments referred to as OLA Play from the India market, with effect from November 15th, 2022, and has taken suitable measures to remove the segment from the market as well.

ANI Technologies has been contacted by Business Today, but no response has been received.

Ola Play

In addition, it was stated that “Ola prohibits any third party from using, altering, or transferring the device, particularly while using the ride-hailing services.”

Months have passed since the unicorn company declared its intention to cease operations of its rapid commerce division, Ola Dash. Ironically, the business had previously revealed intentions to expand Ola Dash by opening 500 dark storefronts in 20 locations starting in January 2022.

Ola has decided to shut down Ola Dash, its quick commerce business, after reevaluating its priorities. In order to enhance the go-to-market strategy for Ola Electric, Ola will also be reorienting its Ola Cars business, according to a statement from the Bhavish Aggarwal-led company.

In November 2016, Ola Play was introduced with the goal of improving the riding experience for Ola cab passengers. Sedan cars in cities like Delhi, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, and others have the in-car engagement and entertainment tablet installed.