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Ola Care Subscription plan unveiled: Check price, features, and others

Ola Care Subscription plan

Ola Care Subscription plan rolled out

Ola Electric made an extensive customer service programme known as “Ola Care Subscription Plan” public on Saturday in an effort to raise its quality of customer service. Ola Care and Ola Care+, each with an annual subscription fee of Rs. 1999 and Rs. 2999, are the two plans through which users can now receive Ola Care services.

There are two tiers to its subscription plans: Ola Care and Ola Care+. The Ola Care plan includes perks like free labour on demand, a hotline for theft assistance, roadside assistance, and assistance with flat tyres. Along with Ola Care, Ola Care+ provides advantages like a yearly thorough diagnostic, free home service and pick-up/drop, free consumables, and 24/7 access to doctors and ambulances.

Service has always been a major focus for us because we are a brand that values our customers, according to Ola’s Chief Marketing Officer, Anshul Khandelwal. We are fundamentally reinventing the customer support experience with the “Ola Care Subscription Plan,” with the goal of providing our clients with the best after-sales assistance available. The subscription plan gives consumers full access to our service network, which is set up to take care of them at their doorstep or at the closest Ola Experience Centers, as it suits them.

Ola Care Subscription plan

According to a statement from the firm, the Ola Care subscription plan will concentrate on delivering an unmatched ownership experience by including the following services in the subscription.

Ola will handle thorough scooter diagnostics, towing, puncture help, and theft aid for its users at no additional cost with an annual membership, letting them to enjoy a hassle-free experience.

For the convenience of the user, it offers a round-the-clock ambulance service, online doctor consultations, taxis for onward travel, hotel accommodations in case of a breakdown outside of city borders, and vehicle detention services.

The Ola Care Subscription plan will be easier for users to use with over 200 service touchpoints and the option to book service requests immediately on the companion app. Ola has expanded to serve 600+ cities, bringing it much closer to its consumers via service vans and real locations. According to a statement from the company, this will lead to speedier service than before, with the majority of services being finished in a single day.

With plans to establish 200 Experience Centers in all of the main cities by the end of January 2023, Ola has been on a D2C expansion binge.