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Ola breaks record in May with sales of over 35,000 Ola S1 electric scooters

Ola breaks record

Ola breaks record – Ola Electric, an electric two-wheeler manufacturer, sold over 35,000 units in May. The corporation has achieved its highest-ever monthly sales figures. Ola’s new sales record has also translated into a large market share of more than 30% and a year-on-year growth rate of 300% in May.

Bhavish Aggarwal, the Founder and CEO of Ola Electric, expressed his happiness with the company’s continued sales growth and its leadership in India’s EV revolution. Aggarwal attributed the company’s success to client trust in the brand and the country’s growing desire for technologically superior electric automobiles. Because of the decline in government subsidies, the company claims to have increased its product pricing somewhat beginning in June.

Ola breaks record

At the moment, the Ola S1 is regarded as one of the most enticing electric vehicle options in India’s two-wheeler industry. Ola’s model pricing has been changed in light of the revised subsidies, which go into effect in June. The Ola S1 Pro now costs $1,39,999, the S1 (3KWh) costs $1,29,999, and the S1 Air (3KWh) costs $1,09,999. Despite the large reduction in subsidies, Ola’s concentration on engineering and innovation has allowed the business to minimise the impact on prices, resulting in the S1 Pro retailing at its initial launch price.

In addition to its sales success, Ola is actively increasing its physical presence through the creation of Ola Experience Centres (ECs) across India. According to Ola, these centres are critical in advancing the country’s adoption of electric vehicles. Ola has opened its 600th EC and expects to grow to 1,000 centres by August. Ola claims that 90% of its clients live within a 20-kilometre radius of an Ola Experience Centre.