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Nykaa Fashion appoints Janhvi Kapoor as brand ambassador

Nykaa Fashion

Nykaa Fashion onboards Janhvi Kapoor

Bollywood star Janhvi Kapoor has been named as Nykaa Fashion’s brand ambassador. Janhvi’s ad video, “One Nykaa Two apps: Two apps, double the enjoyment,” will be her on-screen debut. The opening scene of the movie has Kapoor immediately identifying her favourite beauty and fashion options and claiming that true fans never use just one app because Nykaa Beauty and Nykaa Fashion have more curations, offerings, fun, and love.

According to Adwaita Nayar, Co-Founder of Nykaa and CEO of Nykaa Fashion, Janhvi is a genuine modern style icon who has already made a name for herself with Nykaa in the beauty industry. Nayar noted that the company cannot think of anyone more suitable to embody the essence of its fashion offering than Janhvi, who brings a great deal of relatability and influence to the table. “I’m eager to further solidify our partnership with Janhvi and work with her to increase brand loyalty for Nykaa.”

Nykaa Fashion

According to Janhvi Kapoor, her friendship with Nykaa is absolutely unique on both a professional and personal level. She’s been one of their millions of customers, and she’s always felt empowered by the options the company provides. I am a great fashion enthusiast, and I’m thrilled to work with Nykaa Fashion to highlight and showcase its elegantly curated offers from domestic and international companies.

The multi-brand online fashion store Nykaa Fashion features 5.1 million SKUs from 1600+ brands in the Women, Men, Kids, Luxe, and Home categories.