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NTPC North Karanpura Bagged Gold Award 2022 from APEX India

NTPC North Karanpura

NTPC North Karanpura wins Gold Award 2022

NTPC North Karanpura Super Thermal Power Project earned a Gold Award from APEX India for CSR Excellence Award 2022, which was recently hosted in Cidade De Goa, Taj on April 11th, 2023. Mr. Anil Kumar Chawla, AGM(HR), accepted the prize on behalf of the North Karanpura project.

NTPC North Karanpura was praised by the jury during the evaluation for its persistent efforts in opening the path for speeding rural development in the country and supporting India’s G20 ambitions.

Over the course of a year, North Karanpura has promoted both quality and quantity in a variety of sectors, including education, sports and culture, health, drinking water, and infrastructure.

NTPC North Karanpura

According to Social Impact Assessment 2022, the rate of IMR has improved as a result of the government’s and various firms’ constant CSR activities. Our actions focused on preserving mother and child health and supporting and supplementing the village’s continuing health services.

Approximately 97% of the recipients stated that NTPC offers free health camps for the community, which results in improved people’s health.

Residents in these rural areas are unable to access high-quality healthcare services due to excessive medical expenditures. The indigenous tribes around the site have little understanding of healthcare, and medical services are out of reach for them.

With a diverse expertise in several CSR paradigms, the youth of North Karanpura are encouraged to generate and execute ideas for social development in order to promote on-the-ground change in rural India. Karanpura’s continuous CSR projects seek to supply basic requirements such as power, clean drinking water, education, and many more in order to create a safe and stimulating environment and pave the road for a better future for those who live in the region.

Furthermore, this project will assist people from low-income socioeconomic backgrounds in finding better domestic job opportunities.

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