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NTPC strives towards being cost cognizant organization

cost cognizant organization

NTPC works towards being a cost cognizant organization

Cost cognizant organization – NEW DELHI, INDIA – NTPC Ltd, India’s largest power producer, is working to improve fuel availability for pit head plants in order to lower energy generation costs. NTPC Darlipali Super Thermal Power Plant (STPP) has inked a captive coal supply agreement with NTPC Dulanga Coal Mines (DLCMP) in the state of Odisha in order to make NTPC a more cost-conscious corporation and make power generation more economical and sustainable. 
NTPC Ltd., as a cost-conscious organization, is utilizing all of its internal resources to decrease the cost of electricity. 
The cost structure of coal in India is very expensive, with a large amount of the cost coming from high transportation expenses due to the lack of coal locally. 
External entities are used by power plants for road haulage and railways to deliver coal from mines.

Cost cognizant organization – NTPC

NTPC is taking a number of steps to ensure that coal is delivered at a low cost, making the ecosystem more economical and sustainable. 
Darlipali Super Thermal Power Plant will source the majority of its coal supply from Dulanga Coal Mines in order to offer consistent electricity at a low cost across the country (DLCMP). Darlipali STPP’s reliance on external sources for regular coal supply will be reduced as a result of this. 
NTPC Darlipali, which was founded in 2014, is one of the company’s newest members. The power station is located in Eastern Region – II and has a 1600 MW installed capacity. 
Along with the Darlipali Super Thermal Power Project, NTPC operates Dulanga Coal Mines in Sundergarh district, the company’s first captive coal mine in Odisha, with the goal of providing stable electricity to its consumers. 
This project by NTPC has significantly reduced coal costs, making it the best example of a pit head power plant with lower energy costs. 

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