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Nool – Stores that support survivors of gender-based violence


‘Nool’: Stores supporting survivors of gender-based violence in Chennai

Why doesn’t she just leave, Chennai? because she lacks a support network. because she depends on her abuser for money. since it’s possible she won’t be able to support her kids. Women’s Aid Organization UK provides this list of explanations in response to the question that society frequently asks victims of domestic violence. 
Unfortunately, for many people, moving on from an abusive relationship means beginning over. And society as a whole must assist in this, not just close friends and family. On August 25, the PCVC International Foundation for Crime Prevention & Victim Care opened a one-of-a-kind thrift shop called “Nool – Weave Your Future” in the Prem Vihar Building, Madras Seva Sadan, to assist survivors of gender-based violence on their journey. 
“Everyone has the right to live a life (of dignity), and to defend that right, a lot of support is needed; many communities need to come together. We all have a responsibility to guarantee that we support their decision, Swetha Shankar, senior director of programmes at PCVC, said in a video played at the event. Prasanna Gettu, co-founder and managing trustee of PCVC, gave a welcome speech at the event. Rajasekar Yesudoss, director of human resources, Padmanabhan Karthikeyan, director of finance, Jitesh Hassani, company secretary of Husky Injection Systems (which donated to the project as part of their CSR), and Krithika Kumar Quintal, honorary general secretary of The Madras Seva Sadan, gave inaugural speeches. 
Nool is a collection of gently used and previously owned items, but it was made clear at the inauguration that it is not a charity but rather a place for everyone in the community to share their possessions and change the way people think about giving from giving away things that are no longer useful or wearable to sharing resources and privileges, as Prasanna put it. “Gifts are loved by all. We wait to receive them on holidays and birthdays. However, it is not the same when you flee your house after being assaulted by a person you were meant to love and head to a shelter to look for clothes and necessities. 
When we offer them shelter kits or take them shopping for underwear, several people have cried. tears of pain as they recall being made to (take) their lovers even to purchase basics. and happy tears brought on by seeing kindness and care. Nool is more than simply a store; it provides a wide range of advantages beyond merely giving out kits or things. “(Survivors will) learn to prioritize tasks based on their circumstances, budget, and be treated with decency and respect,” she said.


We have given the store’s focus to this area. The survivors get to choose what they wear and how they can maintain their homes when they go shopping for themselves and their kids at the store. These things may seem insignificant, but many survivors would not have had the ability to select their everyday attire, for instance. When they have the option to make that decision once more, it is a powerful time. There is always help available, but ultimately, it is up to you what you choose to do. In the same way that there is external validation, we developed the store for that internal and external validation. 
And the business has imposed some criteria on their selection in order to allow survivors to enjoy their shopping experience with dignity. We will not accept any soiled or damaged clothing or commodities, used toiletries and cosmetics, out-of-date CD players or VCRs, or possibly hazardous items. People can donate their gently used clothes, bags, shoes, electrical products, household goods, appliances, kitchenware, small furniture, and baby items in a way that also respects the user. 
Depending on inventory, the store will organize pickups for Friday within Chennai and will accept the products on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 2 pm. Nool urges individuals to organize collecting drives in their neighbourhoods in order to increase participation in the movement and guarantee the first phase of quality checks. 
Sharing one’s riches might help a good cause, but in the end, the words made during the inauguration still hold true: “It (the items) is not something we are giving them, it is their right.” a legal right to a new beginning and a better life.