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Nlcil observes national day of intellectually challenged 2023

national day of intellectually challenged

On December 15, 2023, Sneha Opportunity Services (SOS), a society operating under the auspices of NLCIL, observed the “NATIONAL DAY OF THE INTELLECTUALLY CHALLENGED” at L&DC, Neyveli.

Smt. Radhika Motupalli, President of SOS, highlighted the talents of these special children in her address. She stated that NLCIL is providing various skills and rehabilitation measures to help them integrate into society and live a normal life.

In his address, the chief guest, Shri.Prasanna Kumar Motupalli, CMD, NLCIL, praised the executive committee and staff of Sneha Opportunity Services. He urged everyone to take responsibility for rekindling love and affection for special children and reassuring support in raising those children against all odds. He also stated that sneha has built a solid infrastructure and expertise in the field of “Behavior Modification Technique Teaching Programs.”

The event was attended by functional directors Shri.K. Mohan Reddy Director (P&P), Shri.Samir Swarup Director HR, Shri.Venkatachalam Director Power, and Shri.Appakannu Govindarajan CVO/ NLCIL.

A pledge concerning the rights of intellectually challenged people was administered in Tamil, Hindi, and English.

National day of intellectually challenged

Shri.A.Kuppusamy, CGM-TA/Vice President SOS, welcomed everyone, and Dr.Dharini Mouli, General Secretary SOS, delivered the annual report. Students from Sneha Special Education School put on a spectacular cultural show. The Principal of Sneha Special Education School, Smt.R.Vidjealatchoumy, proposed a vote of thanks. Dr. Vijayakumari, an executive committee member of SOS, served as the event’s anchor.