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Nissan Motor India to invest Rs 2 crores to revitalize Tamilnadu’s health infrastructure

Nissan Motor India

Nissan Motor India to invest to revitalise TN’s health infra

Tamil Nadu (India CSR): Nissan Motor India has pledged an investment of more than Rs. 2 crores to revitalize the medical facilities at Chengalpattu Medical College & Hospital in Tamil Nadu as part of its commitment to people and communities. The Medical Out-Patient Department (MOPD) of the hospital is being renovated as part of the collaboration with the non-profit Hand in Hand India (HiH India), and a new waiting area for patient caregivers will soon be built on hospital grounds. 
The Hon’ble Thiru. Thamo Anbarasan, Minister for Mini Small and Micro Enterprises (MSME), Government of Tamil Nadu, officially opened the MOPD. Important government figures, including Varalakshmi Madhusudhanan, an MLA from Chengalpattu, and Ragul Nath, an IAS district collector from Chengalpattu, attended the inauguration. The HiH crew and a representative of Nissan Motor India attended the occasion as well. 
Rakesh Srivastava, managing director of Nissan Motor India, commented on the project: “Guided by our global vision of “People First,” Nissan India has been working on numerous CSR initiatives in the fields of community development, road safety, health, and well-being, and promoting equity by helping the most vulnerable and marginalized groups. A big step toward improving healthcare access and making it more accessible and effective is the new and rebuilt hospital infrastructure, which will serve a lot of Tamil Nadu citizens.

Nissan Motor India

In the areas where we operate, Nissan India is steadfast in its commitment to fostering societies and developing local communities. The MOPD building, which was built in 2006, was in a state of disrepair that put patients, caregivers, and employees at risk. In three and a half months, Nissan Motor India and HiH India collaborated to restore the structure. 
The MOPD was rebuilt for Rs. 43 lakhs and can now accommodate 1000 patients daily. Among other improvements, renovations included weathering roof tiles, making the walls leak-proof with plaster, renovating the restrooms and OPD patients’ waiting area, and repainting the entire structure. 
Patients who visit the hospital’s cardiology and general medicine outpatient departments will feel more comfortable thanks to the upgraded facilities. The budget for the new waiting room is Rs. 1.35 crore, and work will soon begin.