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Khadi goes global! KVIC registers trademark in Bhutan, UAE

Khadi goes global! KVIC registers trademark in Bhutan, UAE

Khadi goes global! KVIC registers trademark in Bhutan, UAE

Khadi goes global! KVIC registers trademark in Bhutan, UAE – The Khadi And Village Industries Commission (KVIC) had enrolled ‘Khadi’ brand name in Bhutan and UAE, taking the number of nations in which it has such enlistments to nine countries.

While KVIC got the most recent brand name enrollment in Bhutan on July 9, the brand name enlistment was allowed in UAE on June 28, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises said in a delivery.

“With this, KVIC has prevailed with regards to getting brand name enrollment without precedent for a Gulf country. Prior, KVIC got the brand name enrollment for “Khadi” in Mexico in December 2020,” it said.

Furthermore, KVIC’s brand name applications are forthcoming in 40 nations across the world, including the USA, Qatar, Sri Lanka, Japan, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Brazil and others.

“So far KVIC was having brand name enrollments for the word mark “KHADI” in 6 nations to be specific Germany, UK, Australia, Russia, China and EU where brand name enlistments were allowed in specific classes, with ongoing brand name enrollments in Bhutan, UAE and Mexico, the number of such nations has gone up to nine,” the service said.

In these nations, KVIC has got enlistments in different classes that relate to Khadi texture, Khadi readymade pieces of clothing and town industry items like Khadi cleansers, Khadi beauty care products, Khadi incense sticks among others.

KVIC Chairman Vinai Kumar Saxena said the brand name enlistments will forestall any abuse of the brand name “Khadi” universally. He said it has gotten vital for KVIC to ensure the personality of Khadi and defend the interest of shoppers and lakhs of Khadi craftsmans who are manufacturing authentic Khadi items as its prevalence has seen an enormous development in India and abroad as of recently because of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s appeal to embrace the khadi material.

In Mexico, KVIC had tested the brand name use of “One Foundation Oaxaca Ac” which had applied for the “Khadi” logo. In any case, the firm didn’t challenge KVIC’s protests and brand name enlistment for “Khadi” and “Khadi” logo was conceded for KVIC.

“Also, in Germany, KVIC tested a nearby organization – Best Natural Products GmbH (“BNP”), which in 2011 as of now got earlier rights in the imprint “KHADI” and related imprints in EU and different nations in various classes. After long fight in court and dealings through the discretionary channel with the assistance of the Ministry of External Affairs, BNP has communicated its readiness to resolve the brand name debates agreeably with KVIC,” it said.

Set up as a legal body by an Act of Parliament, KVIC is accused of preparation, advancement, association and execution of projects for the improvement of Khadi and other town businesses in country regions as a team with different organizations occupied with rural advancement in important areas.

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