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Nasscom Foundation to expand digital skilling programs in India

digital skilling programs

Nasscom Foundation digital skilling programs

Through its digital learning, employability, and Digital skilling programs, Nasscom Foundation, the CSR arm of the IT industry association Nasscom, wants to have an influence on 100 million people by 2026, according to a top executive. 
The organization hopes to have an influence on over 25 lakh lives across 15 states by the end of this year alone with the primary objective of enabling women’s entrepreneurship, chief executive Nidhi Bhasin told ET. The foundation is quickly spreading its activities to rural India even though it is now concentrated on metropolitan regions. These programmes fall under Nasscom’s stated Tech For Good objectives for the coming ten years. 
By 2026, we hope to have an impact on more than 100 million lives. We’re discussing, among other things, rural areas, tier two, and tier three cities. Accordingly, our entire mission is to have an influence on 100 million lives through all of our activities, from Tech for Good to inclusion for everyone, added Bhasin.

Digital skilling programs

Over the course of the foundation’s 20-year history, Bhasin continued, it had primarily concentrated on demography in metropolitan areas but is now expanding its focus to include the rest of the nation. The NASSCOM Foundation currently conducts CSR programmes in 15 different states. Out of its stated 100 million target, it anticipates reaching roughly 25 lakh by the end of 2022. The majority of the projects’ programmes are created internally through collaborations with academic institutions and IT firms. 
We work with many tech businesses and operate within the NASSCOM ecosystem, according to Bhasin. 
The majority of the foundation’s projects, she continued, are geared toward promoting digital literacy across the nation, particularly in rural areas. One of its signature initiatives for women’s entrepreneurship was tested out with tribal craftsmen in Madhya Pradesh the previous year and today reaches about 20,000 women in rural India.