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Nagpur Round Table 83 wins 5 Awards at Area AGM

Nagpur Round Table

Nagpur Round Table 83 bags 5 Awards

Round Table India prioritizes education, which necessitates close attention to detail. Zero overhead charitable groups, such as the Nagpur Round Table – 83, have consistently stepped up in similar circumstances, whether it is by the outstanding work of its members raising money for the construction of schools or donating educational materials, etc. 
Nagpur Round Table-83 is full of “Unsung Heroes” who have made enormous differences to thousands of families in various parts of Nagpur over the past year following the pandemic. The Tablers of Nagpur Round Table-83 took it upon themselves to provide for the needy by undertaking fundraising drives for various charity works. 
Nagpur Round Table-83 received recognition for their efforts in a number of areas of life, including for children, youth personality development activities, and excellent community service, at the recently concluded 43rd Annual General Body Meeting of Round Table India Area 3 on August 20, 2022, in Goa. 
22 Tables from Mumbai, Nashik, Nagpur, Bhilai, Raipur, and Bilaspur are present in Area 3. The agenda for the AGM included a number of items, including passing the previous year’s accounts, the budget for the following year, choosing the body for the following year, appointing the auditors, operating the bank account, etc. The recognition of the work done by Tables and Tablers during the previous year is the most crucial (i.e. 2021-2022).

Nagpur Round Table

For their efforts during the year under Chairman LMF Tabler Ajay Chandwani and the Team of 2021–2022, Nagpur Round Table–83 received the following accolades. In total, NRT 83 received 5 prizes at the 43rd AAGM, GOA: Outstanding Convenor: LMF Tr. Nilay Verma, Bronze; Best Table: Silver; Best Table Treasurer: LMF Tr. Manish Goyal, Silver; BEST CSR Contributions: Silver; Best Funds Raised: Silver; Additionally, they received a special “National Projects Recognition” award. 
The Change Over Banquet, or COB, is the event where the new Area Chairman takes over the jewels and begins the year. After the AAGM, there was a COB, during which Tr. Vedant Agrawal of Nagpur presented the jewels to Tr. Kunal Agrawal of Nashik, who will serve as the area chairman, Tr. Sumit Bardia of Raipur, who will serve as the area vice chairman, and Tr. Sayal Lunia of Raipur, who will serve as the area secretary and treasurer for the fiscal year 2022–2023. Young men’s group Round Table India works to advance civic engagement and goodwill in local, state, and global affairs. Around the world, there are more than 65,000 members of Round Table.