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Mondelez India brings in VR to onboard new hires

Mondelez India

Mondelez India brings in VR

Cadbury Dairy Milk-maker Mondelez India began an engaging recruitment pilot project for new employees to give them a digital taste of their key locations in India, such as the head office, the global R&D center, innovation centers and manufacturing facilities. 
To do this, Meta sends new employees home with Oculus Virtual Reality headsets for the first 2-3 days, allowing them to enjoy pre-filmed tours of the premises. Despite the fact that the onboarding procedure could take up to 90 days.

“You are welcome to tour our SriCity facility, which is our largest in India, as well as our Thane technical center and Mumbai headquarters.” Rather than sitting through one presentation after another, “you can listen to the executives talk and receive an immersive experience,” Mondelez India Head HR Shilpa Vaid told Business Today.

While the epidemic drove the company to experiment with virtual hiring and onboarding, the immersive experience attempts to restore some of the pre-Covid experience in connecting with and inducting new recruits into the teams, according to Vaid.

Mondelez India

On the project’s post-Covid importance, Vaid thinks it will help employees experience the organization in a more consistent way, regardless of their function, especially as numerous organizations have leaned more toward getting staff back to work as the Covid-19 infections have subsided.

The roles stationed in the corporate headquarters may have the opportunity to meet with the leadership. People in frontline positions would be able to hear directly from leaders and tour the headquarters as a result of this. When you’re in specific roles, it’s sometimes difficult to connect with the big picture of what a plant looks like and how it feels to work in one.”

Furthermore, because Mondelez is hiring for digital roles in e-commerce and analytics, it helps the company win some brownie points with younger and tech-savvy candidates. She also notes that it can be useful for deeper participation in a virtual team concept.