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Microsoft Mesh unveiled: A virtual meeting platform on Teams

Microsoft Mesh

In response to the ongoing discourse on returning to physical offices, Microsoft has rolled out Microsoft Mesh, offering a distinctive approach to remote collaboration. This feature allows avatars of employees to gather in a shared virtual space, fostering connectivity among geographically dispersed individuals. Integrated seamlessly into Microsoft Teams, Mesh adds a new dimension to the remote work experience.

Microsoft has successfully tested Mesh with industry leaders like Accenture and Takeda. Leo Barella, CTO at Takeda, highlighted the platform’s impact on transforming meetings into more collaborative and immersive experiences, emphasizing the evolving nature of the workplace and the enduring importance of human connection.

Microsoft Mesh

Mesh offers pre-designed virtual spaces that companies can personalize, incorporating elements like informational videos and logos without coding. Leveraging Unity, Microsoft’s 2D and 3D development platform, the Mesh toolkit allows further customization of the virtual environment. Employers can recreate desired locations or events virtually and invite employees’ avatars to participate.

Currently accessible on desktop PCs and Meta Quest VR devices, Microsoft Mesh provides a more immersive experience for interested users. Microsoft offers a six-month free trial for users with a business or enterprise plan, with varied pricing options for others.