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MG Motor partners with Reliance Jio to offer Hinglish tech in Comet EV

MG Motor

MG Motor India has teamed with Jio Platforms to provide a variety of connected car capabilities in India. As part of this agreement, MG Motor India will integrate Hinglish Voice Recognition-enabled experiences powered by Jio’s Digital Assets into its newly introduced Comet EV.

The collaboration is planned to bring forward breakthrough new-age smart mobility technologies in order to construct a futuristic urban transportation environment. Customers of the MG Comet EV will benefit from Jio’s assets, including as India’s first-ever Hinglish Voice Recognition technology combined with Music Apps, Payment Apps, a Connectivity Platform, and Hardware.

MG Motor

The inbuilt Jio Voice Assistant will understand native Indian speakers with various regional dialects and tone across India. For Indian users, Jio’s in-car voice assistant can be accessed via a wake word, touch, or a dedicated key in the steering wheel. Its dialogues give weather, news, horoscopes, and other information. With easy voice instructions, the user can turn on or off the air conditioning and even play songs.

“Technology and innovation are leading the connected car space in the automobile industry,” stated Gaurav Gupta, Deputy Managing Director, MG Motor India. The current trend is towards software-driven gadgets, and our current collaboration with a digital innovator like Jio in the Smart Mobility field is a step towards establishing MG Motor as a tech leader in the vehicle business. The MGI-Jio collaboration will ensure that our newly introduced MG Comet EV enhances the driving experience for GenZ customers while also ensuring safety and In-Car experiences supported by amazing technology.”

“Jio has been building an ecosystem of cutting-edge technology products and solutions for Indian users,” stated Ashish Lodha, President, Jio Platforms. Our ongoing collaboration and advances with MG Motor India represent an essential step forward in that path. HelloJio Voice Recognition, Streaming, Payment Apps, eSIM, and Jio IOT will allow MG users to access real-time connection, entertainment, and connected car experiences with a new dimension of “Talk to your car.” It is a commitment to technological evolution in the automobile industry, with innovation as its linchpin.”