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Mercedes-Benz collaborates with OpenAI to bring ChatGPT to your car


Mercedes-Benz, the renowned luxury automobile maker, revealed on Thursday that it intends to begin a pilot programme in the United States that will allow drivers to use ChatGPT, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI, to power some features in their vehicles. Beginning June 16, around 900,000 Mercedes vehicles equipped with “MBUX” systems will be compatible with ChatGPT, which will be downloaded over-the-air once drivers opt in using the Mercedes app or voice command.

Mercedes intends to acquire useful data throughout the three-month testing phase by seeing how drivers use this revolutionary technology. The incorporation of ChatGPT into the automobile system would improve the naturalness of the system’s responses and allow drivers to request information such as destination specifics.

Mercedes has already enabled voice commands for specific features, such as activating seat heaters, allowing drivers and passengers to connect with their vehicles more intuitively. However, with the addition of ChatGPT, Mercedes has taken a huge step ahead in incorporating advanced conversational capabilities into their vehicles, thereby improving the overall user experience.


This partnership between Mercedes-Benz and OpenAI’s ChatGPT provides a profitable opportunity for Microsoft, as it will offer a version of the popular chatbot via its cloud services. While Amazon’s Alexa has long been a presence in the automobile industry, Microsoft’s investment in OpenAI has enabled them to present an option with ChatGPT.

Mercedes stressed in a news statement that drivers would not only be able to send commands using the words “Hey Mercedes,” but they will also be able to converse with their vehicles. In a second blog post, Microsoft emphasised the potential for continued integrations, known as plug-ins, that might someday allow drivers to make restaurant reservations, book cinema tickets, and conduct other chores while driving.