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MedEngage Scholarship program, now in its 3rd year

MedEngage Scholarship program is designed to help prospective medical students

MedEngage Scholarship program is designed to help prospective medical students

MedEngage Scholarship program – The 3rd edition of the MedEngage Scholarship program has been launched by Metropolis Healthcare, India’s top diagnostics service provider and applications are now being accepted from final year MBBS and MD/DNB students. The deadline to apply for this programme is January 18th, 2022. 
In 2018, Metropolis Healthcare introduced the MedEngage initiative to support medical students and assist them to contribute to national healthcare research by financially awarding deserving applicants and giving practical knowledge through our world-class laboratory and panel of experts on board. The establishment of the MedEngage Scholarship Summit was made possible by Metropolis Chairman Dr. Sushil Shah’s vision. Scholarships, Observerships, Academic Research Discounts, and Certificate Courses are some of the highlights of this complete academic programme for medical students. 
Since its establishment, over 500 institutes have contacted and registered with the MedEngage programme for a variety of projects, and over 5000 students have enrolled in Observership, academic research, and a variety of courses offered by MedEngage. For the past two years, Metropolis has successfully run the scholarship program, awarding more than 100 students with scholarships worth up to Rs. 50 lakhs. This scholarship initiative aims to reward 150 students from all around India in the year 2022. 
Students can register and apply for the programme by going to www.med-engage.com. An expert panel of jury members, mostly from the healthcare community and external agencies, will review the applications. The winners will be revealed in February 2022, and a ceremony honoring them will take place in April 2022. 
In the coming year, Metropolis plans to stage a far larger event honoring today’s youthful stars who will lead the task force of tomorrow.

MedEngage Scholarship program

MedEngage, a CSR effort of Metropolis Healthcare Ltd., intends to develop the country’s future medical potential by offering scholarships, savings on academic research, and certificate courses. This is one of the company’s social efforts aimed towards bringing about change and improving India’s healthcare research and academic scene. 
Metropolis Healthcare Ltd is a significant diagnostics company in India, with operations in 19 different states. Every year, Metropolis makes a difference in the lives of millions of people by giving actionable health information to patients and doctors. Metropolis provides a broad spectrum of over 4,000 tests and profiles, including advanced tests for cancer, neurological problems, infectious diseases, and a variety of genetic anomalies. 
The consistency of Metropolis’ CAP proficiency score of more than 98 percent over the last decade demonstrates its commitment to quality and accuracy in each test, placing it among the top 1% of laboratories worldwide for quality assurance. The philosophy of Metropolis is built on three pillars: technological supremacy, a friendly patient-centered approach, and accurate diagnostic results.

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