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MECL Amps Up Analysis Capabilities with Cutting-Edge Tech Acquisition


New Delhi: Mineral Exploration and Consultancy Limited (MECL) has proudly announced the successful acquisition and installation of an advanced Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AAS) featuring a flame and graphite furnace module, accompanied by a Vapour Generation Assembly (VGA). This notable addition to MECL’s array of equipment marks a substantial leap in its capacity to conduct thorough geological sample testing.

The installation ceremony, held on January 19, 2024, witnessed the presence of key officials, including the Director (Technical), GM (Exploration/non-energy mineral), GM (Geophysics), DGM (Instrumentation), Head (Lab), and other laboratory representatives.


The newly incorporated AAS system, equipped with flame and graphite furnace modules, empowers MECL to identify and quantify a diverse range of elements with remarkable precision. This capability holds paramount importance in the accurate identification and characterization of minerals, contributing to more informed decisions in exploration endeavors. The integrated Vapour Generation Assembly (VGA) in the AAS allows for the analysis of hydride-forming elements at trace levels, significantly expanding the system’s applicability for in-depth geological assessments.

MECL reaffirms its dedication to adopting cutting-edge technologies for innovation, striving to maintain its position as a frontrunner in the mineral exploration industry. The company is poised to leverage the full potential of its new AAS system and VGA, aiming to enhance its capabilities in geological testing, especially for critical minerals—a need of great significance in the current scenario.