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MBD Group celebrates 77th Founders Day in Full Spirit

MBD Group

MBD Group celebrates 77th Founders Day

New Delhi: The MBD Group celebrated its 77th Founder’s Day today with vigour and excitement. The MBD Group is a name that is synonymous with quality, trust, and professionalism, whether it be in Education, EdTech, hospitality, real estate, capacity building, design, construction, or any of its other verticals. Its visionary creator Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra, whose magnanimous nature is difficult to capture in a few words, celebrated his 77th birthday on this day. Shri Malhotra’s commitment to universal education, unwavering enthusiasm for change, and mission to bring the MBD family team members together in harmony are what motivate him. 
A number of CSR initiatives were carried out to commemorate this historic occasion, including plantation drives in various locations, movie and snack screenings for underprivileged children, the distribution of rations and a special lunch at nursing homes, the establishment of libraries for these kids, and more. 
The MBD Group has distinguished itself as a socially conscious company that has always favoured meaningful interactions with the outside world. With a worldview centred on providing resources to people in need, they have continually maintained a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. The Group oversees all CSR programmes through “MY BEST DEEDS,” which is sponsored by the relevant corporate social responsibility champions from various industries across India and is run by a committed volunteer group. Additionally, MBD Group offers their support to initiatives like “Empowering Girl Child with Education,” “Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan,” and many others through AKM Charitable Trust.

MBD Group

Shri Malhotra was a strong supporter of education’s potential and power. He thought that education was the best possible catalyst for bringing about the essential enlightenment and empowerment in society. At the tender age of thirteen, he had written and independently published a book titled “General Education” because to this conviction. His life was changed forever by writing the book, which also gave his vision and goals new momentum. He put in a lot of effort and established himself in a variety of fields, including publishing, printing, education technology, hospitality, retail, real estate, capacity building, and design and construction, both in India and abroad. However, Shri Malhotra had one quality that set him apart from others and helped him succeed financially. 
The main goal of this year’s Founder’s Day celebration was for everyone to join together and honour the vision of our founder as a single, contented MBD family.

After making a successful start in the industry, the Group expanded into Ludhiana and opened the city’s first five-star hotel, Radisson Blu MBD Ludhiana, in an effort to duplicate the success of Radisson Blu MBD Noida. As they continued their journey, the Group also joined together with Germany’s leading hotel chain, Steigenberger, with “MBD Zepyhr, Bangalore” serving as the country’s first Icon Steigenberger. With the help of this relationship, the Group started taking on management contracts for premium hotels. The Group also introduced a ground-breaking mid-market brand called “MBD Express” as well as a number of popular food and beverage brands like RED, Made in India, The Chocolate Box, and many others.

“My heart leaps with pleasure every year when MBDians join together to recall and rekindle the principles and belief system established by Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra. In reality, the future trip will be more wholesome and fulfilling given the rate at which MBD Group is attaining milestones. According to Mrs. Satish Bala Malhotra, Chairperson, MBD Group, we shall reaffirm our commitment to uphold Malhotra ji’s vision and principles and commemorate Founder’s Day with utmost fervour and grandeur.

MBD – 77th Founder’s Day

The managing team at MBD Group firmly believes in rewarding excellent performers for their contribution to the Group’s performance in order to acknowledge the efforts of its workforce. They claim that this is a fantastic morale-boosting activity. Due of this, MBDians receive awards and recognition on a regular basis. The Group announced some significant prizes on the 77th Founder’s Day in categories such the Shri Ashok Kumar Malhotra Employee of the Year Remarkable Contribution Award, ASM of the Year, and Branch of the Year, among others. These recognitions have a magical effect on employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.

With a seven-decade run in the edutech and education sector under its belt and wings stretched widely in other industries including paper manufacturing, ICT infrastructure, hospitality, real estate, and retail development, among others, the MBD Group is moving in the right direction. Due to its unrivalled service standards and desire to rethink the many aspects of our daily lives, MBD Group has maintained its reputation as a household name in business.