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Manipal Group launches medical learning and test prep app MedAce with live tutoring feature

Manipal Group

Manipal Global Education Services has introduced Manipal MedAce, an app-based medical learning and PG preparation package. This is Manipal’s debut offering in the live learning and exam prep market. It will introduce UNext, an online learning platform for professional courses, in 2021. 

MedAce is divided into two parts: Learn Product and Prep Product. Learn Product provides MBBS students with access to handpicked learning resources to enhance their campus study. Micro learning modules, live tutoring sessions, an online dissection lab, 3D interactive learning, and gamified exams will be available through the app. Prep Product provides personalized solutions for NEET PG/NexT/INICET/FMGE preparation to PG aspirants. According to the corporation, the platform was designed and developed in accordance with NExT (National Exit Exam) requirements and follows CBME (Competency-Based Medical Education) curriculum.  

Manipal Group

On the eve of the launch, Ravi Panchanadan, Managing Director and CEO of Manipal Global Education Services (MaGE), told Business Today that the company would prioritize content development and app experience over market share and subscriber numbers for the first year. 

“Our only goal for the first year is to launch the product, see how it performs in markets, see what kind of content connects with students, and see what improvements we need to make.” We won’t be focusing on subscriber numbers or anything else for the next year because that would place me in the same category as start-ups and valuations, and I’m not interested in that game. Manipal creates value.” Panchanadan.

He stated that the company will become more involved in edtech in the future, with MedAce expanding into related medical categories such as dental, nursing, and aligned health sciences. 

Panchanadan further stated that Manipal Group’s significant expertise and competencies in education and healthcare enable it to offer this unique option, given there are no established structured providers for medical learning and test prep in India.