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Manasi Tata hired as Vice Chairperson of Toyota Kirloskar Motor

Toyota Kirloskar Motor

Manasi Tata appointed as VC of Toyota Kirloskar Motor

Manasi Tata, the daughter of Vikram Kirloskar, will take over as Vice Chairperson with immediate effect, Toyota Kirloskar Motor stated on Thursday. Following the untimely death of Vikram S. Kirloskar, the former vice chairperson, the board adopted the resolution. Additionally, Manasi Tata will become Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts’ new vice chairman (TKAP).

Toyota Kirloskar Motor said Manasi Tata, a current member of the board of directors, has played a significant role in the organization’s corporate choices and strategic operations.

Masakazu Yoshimura, the managing director and chief executive officer of Toyota Kirloskar Motor, stated that Manasi Tata has a “open mindset and people-centric attitude.” This will further boost TKM’s dedication to bringing “Mass Happiness to All” thanks to her sharp understanding of the Indian auto sector, according to Yoshimura.

Toyota Kirloskar Motor

According to the corporation, Manasi Tata graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design in the US and is familiar with both the Japanese workplace culture and the Toyota production methods. She is a member of the Kirloskar family’s sixth generation and is very interested in art. Her non-profit organization, Caring with Color, focuses on government schools in three Karnataka districts.

Vikram Kirloskar, Manasi’s father, passed suddenly in November of last year from a cardiac arrest. Manasi Tata was appointed as a director on the board of the joint venture businesses Toyota Industries Engine India Pvt Ltd, Denso Kirloskar Industries Pvt Ltd, Kirloskar Toyota Textile Machinery Pvt Ltd (KTTM), and Toyota Material Handling India Pvt Ltd (TMHIN) by Kirloskar Systems in December (DNKI).

Since 2019, she has been wed to Neville Tata, the son of Noel Tata. Half-brother to Ratan Tata is Noel Tata.