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CSR: LT Foods to train 10,000 farmers on Sustainable Farming Practices

LT Foods

LT Foods, a 70-year-old Indian-origin global FMCG Company in the consumer food space, has signed an MoU with the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) – National Research Centre for Integrated Pest Management (NCIPM) to train 10,000 farmers in the country on Sustainable Farming Practices.    

The effort is part of LT Foods’ bigger ESG aims, which include training 50,000 farmers in Sustainable Farming Practices by 2025. Under its Sustainable Rice Production (SRP) program, LT Foods has already taught around 20,000 farmers. Through Integrated Crop Management, the initiative strives to bridge the gap between conventional and sustainable rice production.   

Farmers will be trained and instructed on the best use of resources such as water, pesticides, fertilizers, and so on, in order to maintain the agricultural process regenerative and support the ESG goals of reducing GHG emissions and water use. ICAR-NCIPM will create literature on Integrated Crop Management (ICM) in Rice as part of Sustainable Rice Production (SRP), as well as providing consultation on managing important pests and diseases in rice through ICM. It will also aid in the transmission of rice-ICM technology to farmers as part of the SRP through field schools and training. 

LT Foods

Ms. Monika C. Jaggia, Vice President – Finance & Strategy, LT Foods, stated on the occasion, “At LT Foods, our top priority is to integrate sustainability throughout our operations.” We are convinced that the well-being and success of farmers, an important stakeholder in our value chain, are inextricably related to environmental preservation. By promoting sustainable practices, we not only improve our farmers’ economic viability, but we also uphold our collective responsibility to protect and conserve the planet’s valuable natural resources. Our collaboration with ICAR-NCIPM is a step forward in our efforts to promote sustainable farming methods in the country.”   

“This partnership reflects our shared commitment to improving agricultural practices, promoting environmental stewardship, and ensuring a prosperous future for both farmers,” stated Dr. Mukesh Sehgal, Principal Scientist and PI, ICAR-NCIPM, for the Project.  

“We are glad to collaborate with LT Foods towards a momentous step of equipping our farming communities with the knowledge and tools they need to transition to sustainable farming practices,” stated Dr. Subhash Chander, Director, ICAR-NCIPM.