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Medical Van, Wellness Camps: Lodha Ventures Foundation Gift of Health to Dapoli

Lodha Ventures Foundation

Lodha Ventures Foundation Gift of Health to Dapoli

Lodha Ventures Foundation – “Finding health centers in this area in an emergency is extremely difficult.” My grandson was experiencing severe stomach pains, and we tried every home remedy we could think of. “He used to cry at night, and we were helpless,” Priya Pradip Bhatkar, a 61-year-old daily-wage worker from Kolthare in Dapoli, Maharashtra, explained.

“Doctors from the medical van assisted us in determining that it was caused by stomach worms, and they treated him.” They also advised us on proper hygiene practices to avoid a repeat of this situation,” she added.

Konkan, a 720-kilometer coastline on the western coast, has recently attracted global investments as a result of the Maharashtra Government’s massive development plans. However, progress in terms of maintaining the health and wellness of the region’s communities is still required. This prompted the Lodha Ventures Foundation to establish free healthcare facilities in rural communities near Dapoli.

Ms. Sheetal Lodha’s Lodha Ventures Foundation launched a fully-equipped Mobile Medical Unit in September 2022 to address the lack of basic medical amenities in the surrounding communities. The van, which is manned by two medical personnel and one support personnel, tours 22 surrounding villages, providing basic medical services to the needy while also collaborating with local health centers and gram panchayats. The Foundation’s current goal is to reach out to and assist over 20,000 residents of these villages.

Lodha Ventures Foundation

For a more proactive approach to health, the medical team also holds regular health camps and nutrition awareness sessions for adults. To date, 12 such sessions have taken place, with experts counseling over 400 needy families.

“After The House of Abhinandan Lodha in Dapoli’s phenomenal response to our Isle of Bliss project, we couldn’t turn a blind eye to the area’s lack of basic medical facilities.” It is our collective responsibility to protect the environment as well as the health and well-being of those who live in the vicinity of our project site. Lodha Ventures has always believed in giving back to society as much as we take from it, which is why we launched the mobile medical clinic.

While adult health and wellness are important, it is critical that a special emphasis be placed on the development of children in the region. This was the thought of Yashvi Lodha, a 13-year-old boy.

Yashvi has had a strong desire to serve her country in any way she can since she was a child. Aside from her numerous social contributions, Yashvi believes that the health of children and teenagers can determine India’s future. With this in mind, and with Maharashtra having the highest incidence of malnutrition among Indian states, the Foundation has been conducting free health camps at Dapoli schools.

Prashant Jayram Mayekar, 51, of Padale, Dapoli, expressed his happiness while explaining how his nephew taught him about the dangers of not eating a balanced diet.

“My nephew is very perceptive. He noticed that I was skipping meals due to my odd working hours and told me that he learned in school how important it was to have a balanced diet and three meals a day to maintain our health and wellness. “I am grateful to the Lodha Ventures Foundation for hosting these sessions for our children,” he continued.