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Lions Club International launches world’s largest e-waste drive

Lions Club International

Lions Club International launches world’s largest e-waste drive

Lions Club International – The world’s largest e-waste collection campaign, titled “Dump and Donate,” has been launched by Hindustan E-Waste Management Pvt. Ltd. and Lions Club International in keeping with their social commitment.

National Independent Schools Alliance, Primus Partners, and (HEW) (NISA). When Mr. A. P. Singh, International Third Vice President of Lions Clubs, announced the start of this campaign at a press conference held at The Constitution Club, he remarked, “India is hosting the G-20 summit in 2023, and with this, the agenda also includes environmental protection and conservation. This campaign will begin on January 13, 2023, in more than 120 locations across the nation.

Through this month-long effort, Lions Club International members will communicate with the public through a variety of institutions, schools, and other venues in order to raise awareness of e-waste and its detrimental effects on human health and the environment. This campaign was specially created by Lions Club International with social responsibility at the forefront.

Lions Club International

Dr. Subhas Sarkar, the Union Minister of State for Education, praised Lions Club International for its efforts in fulfilling its social responsibility and commitment. He added, “Our Prime Minister has already emphasised the significance of e-Waste Management, and several departments have eliminated their stocks of e-Waste. Given that India now holds the G20 presidency, the Lions Clubs’ initiative is all the more crucial at this time.

Mr. Rakesh Kumar Singh, CRPF Commandant, further emphasised the need of raising awareness about e-waste by adding, “Most of us do not know how to reduce e-waste, thus this campaign is crucial not only for India but for the entire world.

Through this effort, Lions Clubs is promoting environmental security and conservation while also defending the future of the next generation.

With the increased use of cellphones, gadgets, and other electronic devices harming both human health and the environment, managing e-waste is a significant issue around the world.

The use of smartphones and other electronic devices is growing faster than anticipated as a result of the internet’s quick uptake, said Mr. Shekhar, founder.

On this occasion, Lions Club International and Primus Partners also issued a report titled “The Growing Impact of E-Waste in India.” Primus Mr. Sameer Jain, MD.

“This analysis underlines the detrimental impact of e-waste as a hazard to health and ecology in India,” Partners stated. It emphasises the accountability of every stakeholder.

may contribute to the cause and emphasises the value of raising awareness of it. This research served as the catalyst for Lions Clubs to launch their current national e-waste management campaign.