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CSR – Kyndryl Empowering Ladakh’s Youth with Entrepreneurial Skills


Kyndryl, the world’s largest provider of IT infrastructure services, announced today a partnership with the Himalayan Institute of Alternatives Ladakh (HIAL) to provide Ladakhi youth with real-world entrepreneurship skills that can solve region-specific problems and support sustainability goals.

Kyndryl will support HIAL’s flagship program, the “HILLs Fellowship in Integrated Mountain Development,” as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility outreach. The commitment entails sponsoring program participants as well as providing career counseling. Kyndryl’s volunteers will also provide students with technical and non-technical assistance as needed.

Residents of Ladakh and other Himalayan mountain regions require customized learning approaches and skills to overcome the environment’s unique social and environmental challenges. This skills gap is bridged by the 11-month immersive program, which focuses on hands-on practical learning that builds expertise in specific topics such as environmental studies, sustainable entrepreneurship, responsible tourism, and eco-responsive architecture to help students become social entrepreneurs.

“By investing in Himalayan youth education and development, Kyndryl is creating a skilled and innovative workforce that can contribute to India’s economic growth.” This program will enable these young people to realize their full potential and become agents of sustainable development. “Many of our graduates go on to launch their own successful businesses, becoming social entrepreneurs who employ others in their communities,” said Sonam Wangchuk, HIAL’s Founding Director.


“Our curriculum differs from the traditional system in that it emphasizes innovation, creativity, and hands-on learning.” We want to train a generation of young people who can solve problems intelligently, live sustainably, and think for themselves. We hope to make these education courses more accessible to the local student population with the help of Kyndryl.” Gitanjali J B, Co-Founder, CEO, and Dean of HIAL, agreed.