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Kirana stores in Assam provide banking services to 40K customers in flood-affected villages

Kirana stores in Assam

Kirana stores in Assam offer banking services

New Delhi (CSR for India): Kirana stores in Assam – As part of a massive relief effort, Business Correspondents (BCs) of PayNearby, India’s largest branchless banking network and leader in digital payments, are currently going aboard boats to provide crucial banking and financial services to the populace of the flood-affected villages. They are making it easier for residents of 265 flood-affected communities to access cash withdrawal services with the use of Micro ATMs and Aadhaar ATMs. 
Over 31.54 lakh people in 26 districts have been affected by the floods in Assam, a state with a population of over three crore. The residents have little to no access to services or even money on hand to think about purchasing basics during these times. The BC network in India, a significant portion of which are PayNearby registered, has been critical in ensuring that the common public’s access to necessary financial services is not stopped and made available at their doorsteps during difficult times. 
The Assam branch of PayNearby’s network of over 20,000 store partners is making a strong effort to act as the cash disbursal points. These merchants travel by foot or small boat, transforming them into cash terminals with AePS biometric devices and Micro ATMs to help the less fortunate in the afflicted areas.

Kirana stores in Assam

Anand Kumar Bajaj, founder, MD, and CEO of PayNearby, commented on the relief efforts, saying, “It is a difficult moment for the people of Assam. The urgent necessity is to go to their doorsteps and provide them financial assistance. Our store partners are leading the charge in making sure that residents of these areas have constant access to cash to get through the storm and its aftereffects. The service has been used by more than 40,000 peasants, who have withdrawn about 20 crores. 
We have always believed in using technology to fulfil the unmet needs of the last mile as an organization built on the philosophy of service supported by cutting-edge technology and innovation. Our motto, “service unabated at all times,” is reflected in the relief efforts made by our foot soldiers in Assam despite all circumstances. We are grateful for the opportunity to support the relief efforts and are making every effort to ensure that all transactions are successful. Our dedication to supporting the nation and providing uninterrupted last-mile service to everyone is stronger than ever.