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JioFiber Plan Offers 1TB of Data & 7 Days Validity With 199/-

JioFiber Plan Offers 1TB Data

Jio Offers 1TB of Data & 7 Days Validity With 199/- JioFiber Plan

JioFiber Plan – Reliance Jio has been tweaking the complete JioFiber working process immediately as the ISP wants to begin 2020 on a high note. Already, JioFiber Preview plan users are being migrated to paid plans and every the users are going to be billed from January 1, 2020. Some days ago, we reported the arrival of JioFiber affordable plans like Rs 199 and Rs 351. While the Rs 199 pack is a top-up voucher, the Rs 351 plan is offered only together with applicable STVs. Back then, the Rs 199 top-up voucher offered just 100GB of data for seven days, however, the company has now modified the plan. Reliance Jio is now shipping a whopping 1TB of data and 7 days of validity with a similar Rs 199 recharge. And this modification will come as a big relief to the JioFiber users who are on the basic plans like Rs 699 and Rs 849 as the FUP limit offered is on the lower side.

JioFiber Rs 199 Top-Up Voucher Now Offers 1TB of Data

JioFiber received a lukewarm response from the audience across the country, due to the underwhelming FUP limit on all the plans. For example, Bharti Airtel is providing unlimited data with its Rs 799 broadband in Hyderabad city, but Jio is offering just 150GB of data with the Rs 699 base plan. Besides, Airtel has also introduced an unlimited data add-on pack of Rs 299, which allows users to get 3.3TB data monthly and it will be activated on top of the base plan.

The Rs 199 JioFiber Top-Up Voucher has been revised offering 1TB of data for a period of just seven days. Earlier, the plan used to provide 100GB of data for one week.

JioFiber Rs 199 Voucher isn’t a Standalone Plan

There’s loads of confusion going around the existing JioFiber users on whether the Rs 199 top-up voucher is a standalone plan or a top-up voucher. Well, we will confirm that the Rs 199 JioFiber plan is a top-up voucher and it will be used only on top of an active monthly plan. for example, if you’re on the JioFiber Bronze plan priced at Rs 699 that provides 150GB data per month. If you exhaust the FUP limit, the speeds are capped. But with the Rs 199 top-up voucher, you’ll be able to continue enjoying the same speeds up to 1TB for an additional week. the value of the Rs 199 top-up voucher is Rs 199 and there’ll be additional GST also.

How Rs 199 Top-Up Voucher Differs from JioFiber Data Vouchers?

Just a couple of weeks ago, we reported the introduction of JioFiber data vouchers which start at Rs 101 and go all the high to Rs 4,001. Now, the big question in every JioFiber user’s mind would be- how does the Rs 199 top-up voucher differ from the JioFiber data vouchers? Well, the Rs 199 plan is a top-up voucher that provides 1TB of data for just 1 week or seven days, after which you’ll need to perform another recharge of a similar price Rs 199.

However, the data benefit offered by the JioFiber Data Vouchers is valid until the present plan’s expiry. for example, if you’ve recharged a JioFiber data voucher on December 25 and also the original plan’s expiry is on December 31, then the data voucher will expire on December 31 itself. Whereas, the Rs 199 top-up voucher exhausts exactly after one week of recharge. For the unaware, JioFiber Data Vouchers include Rs 101, Rs 251, Rs 501, Rs 1,001, Rs 2,001 and Rs 4,001.

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