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Jio and SES have formed a joint venture to provide satellite-based broadband services

Jio, satellite-based broadband services

Jio and SES partner to provide satellite-based broadband services

Satellite-based broadband services – Jio Platforms and SES, a global provider of satellite-based content connectivity solutions, formed a joint venture on Monday to provide next-generation affordable broadband services via satellite technology. JPL and SES will possess 51 percent and 49 percent of the ownership stakes in the Jio Space Technology Limited joint venture, respectively.  
Multi-orbit space networks will be used by the joint enterprise, which will mix geostationary (GEO) and medium earth orbit (MEO) satellite constellations. Jio Space will be able to provide multi-gigabit connection and capacity to enterprises, mobile backhaul, and retail consumers across the country. 
SES satellite data and networking benefits will be furnished by Jio Space across the nation. SES will supply up to 100 Gbps of bandwidth, leveraging Jio’s dominant position. 
As part of its investment strategy, Jio Space plans to establish a vast gateway infrastructure across the country to deliver services. 
Jio has agreed to a multi-year capacity purchase arrangement with a total contract value of $100 million. 
Jio Space will utilize SES’ high-throughput GEO satellite SES-12 attending to India and its next-generation MEO constellation O3b mPOWER to enhance Jio’s terrestrial network.

Satellite-based broadband services by JIO

According to the companies, the joint venture will connect India’s and the region’s unconnected areas, allowing remote health, government services, and distant learning opportunities to be accessed. 
SES CEO Steve Collar commented, “This collaborative initiative with JPL is a fantastic instance of how SES can complement even the most extensive terrestrial networks to provide high-quality connectivity, positively Hundreds of millions of people’s lives are being impacted.”
We’re excited to be a part of this collaborative venture, where we’ll be able to help promote digital inclusion in India.” 
According to the firms, the joint venture also aligns with Prime Minister Narendra Modi‘s ‘Gati Shakti: National Master Plan for Multi-modal Connectivity,’ which promises to deliver integrated and seamless connectivity. 

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