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Empowering Change: Jindal Stainless Pioneers Environmental Conservation Efforts

Jindal Stainless

Jindal Stainless – With the world drowning in plastic, the need to face its terrible repercussions has never been greater. Plastic garbage is wreaking havoc on our environment, emphasizing the vital need for immediate and coordinated action. Each lost fragment represents a collective failure, a clear reminder of our role in this catastrophe.  

The time has come to put convenience aside and embrace responsibility, directing our efforts toward a more sustainable future. As the plastic plague worsens, so must our desire to halt the tide and protect the world for future generations.  

Taking on the duty, the Jindal Stainless team, along with the Green Dream Foundation, took a giant step, committed to leave their mark on environmental protection. Their unwavering dedication prompted them to confront the enormous problem of plastic trash head on. Their powerful acts served as a painful reminder that change begins with purpose-driven activities and a firm commitment to the preservation of our world. 

Jindal Stainless

The company followed tight environmental regulations. During FY23, their Jaipur and Hisar facilities saved 145 lakh units of electricity and 17,542 billion calories of thermal energy thanks to extensive energy audits that included targeted energy efficiency and conservation initiatives.  

To honor World Environment Day on June 5, 2023, hundreds of Jindal Stainless employees participated in a plastic waste collecting effort at the corporate headquarters and industrial facilities in Hisar and Jajpur. The Green Dream Foundation hopes that this campaign will bring attention back to its continued work and commitment to sustainability, ethical waste management, and the reduction of plastic waste. 

According to Abhyuday Jindal, managing director of Jindal Stainless, the second phase of the company’s plastic waste collecting program, which was expanded to cover their industrial locations this year, has been completed. During this round, over two tonnes of plastic rubbish were collected.  

During FY 2022-2023, the Hisar facility began a transition from a thermal energy-intensive industrial setting to renewable energy alternatives, which included the use of biofuels, solar energy, Green Hydrogen, and the recycling of Interleaving Paper (ILP), among other things. 

As part of its waste-to-wealth effort, the company is installing technologies to manufacture biogas and compost from food and horticulture waste. The plants in Hisar and Jaipur will each produce 55 metric tonnes of compost per year by recycling food and plant waste. 

Jindal Stainless has implemented a number of important adjustments to strengthen its commitment to sustainability in fiscal year 2022-23. The process began with a strategic move from thermally energy-intensive production to renewable alternatives at the Hisar facility. This transformation included the incorporation of solar and Green Hydrogen energy, the use of biofuels, recycling programs, and the adoption of energy-efficient practices. 

Innovative waste-to-wealth efforts contributed to yet another step toward sustainability. The company’s Hisar and Jaipur plants are projected to generate an outstanding yearly production of 55 metric tonnes of compost each by leveraging technology to transform food and horticulture waste into compost and biogas. 

aided Jindal Stainless in decreasing carbon emissions by over 1 lakh tonnes in the most recent fiscal year (FY23) and by roughly 2.4 lakh tonnes in the preceding two fiscal years (FY22 and FY23). 

This plastic collection initiative involved almost 1500 personnel. Almost 1,100 kg of plastic debris was collected in Jajpur, over 750 kg in Hisar, and about 150 kg at the corporate office in Gurgaon. Each attendee received a token of appreciation. Plastic rubbish collected throughout the campaign will be repurposed to make usable products such as benches, seats, and trash cans. However, after consulting with local officials, the company plans to display these artistically beautiful artworks in public spaces this time. 

Jindal Stainless’s unwavering commitment to sustainability acts as the North Star that guides every choice, with a steadfast focus on elevating society. The company is relentless in its aim of leaving an indelible imprint on future generations, having pioneered India’s stainless steel sector. 

Their initiatives include strengthening waste heat recovery systems, embracing renewable energy sources, championing energy-saving projects, transitioning to eco-friendly rail transport, championing waste material recycling, and amplifying the use of renewable energy in CSR initiatives.