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Jamtara’s Journey from Cybercrime to Community Libraries

Cybercrime to Community Libraries

Jamtara – Journey from Cybercrime to Community Libraries

Cybercrime to Community Libraries – IAS officer and District Magistrate Faiz Aq Ahmed Mumtaz has opened community libraries in all 118 panchayats across six blocks of the district, determined to shake off its negative reputation with cybercrime and firmly place Jamtara on the road to reform. Jamtara is now known for cybercrime such as phishing. It was once associated with the great social reformer and educationist Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar, who spent the last two decades of his life here dedicated to the upliftment of the tribals and the less privileged. 
With criminals like Sitaram Mandal and Pappu Mandal, things started to get bad about 2013. They executed operations in which they fooled unsuspecting customers into losing lakhs of rupees from their bank accounts by simply answering their phones with a simple “hello.” Many high-profile scams have been linked to Jamtara, with investigating teams visiting the area on a regular basis. Amitabh Bachchan, a veteran Hindi cinema star, is believed to have lost Rs 5 lakhs as a result of Jamtara’s phishing scheme. Preneet Kaur, the MP, and wife of former Punjab Chief Minister Amarinder Singh, is claimed to have had Rs 23 lakhs taken from her account. 
“We’re on our way to forming a new society.” In an interview with 101 Reporters, DM Mumtaz remarked, “People should look at these community libraries as temples and mosques, and approach “In the same way,” he says. He mentioned that 125 historic structures in Jamtara were renovated for community libraries recognized under the Societies Act.

Cybercrime to Community Libraries

On November 13, 2020, the first community library in Jamtara opened in Chengaidih panchayat. Following that, public reading areas were established throughout the district, as well as the renovation and conversion of decaying ancient panchayat buildings and Anganwadi centers. The panchayats were given funds from the CSR fund and the budgets of the 14th and 15th Finance Commissions for this initiative. Each community library received funds ranging from Rs 60,000 to Rs 2.50 lakhs. 
Water, electricity, emergency lights, water filters, bookcases, and blackboards are all provided at each library. The floors have been carpeted, and a round table arrangement has been installed to encourage reading. Presidents, treasurers, and librarians are all honorably elected in each library. Two teachers were assigned to each community library to teach math and science to children to assist them to continue their education during the pandemic. 

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