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Jaipur Rugs Foundation Artisans Master Creativity through ‘Manchaha’- Expression of Heart

Jaipur Rugs Foundation

Jaipur Rugs Foundation Artisans Master Creativity by Manchaha

A craftsperson’s work, particularly that of a woman craftsperson, is frequently criticized or not given enough credit. We appreciate the greatest handicrafts because of their talents. Jaipur Rugs Foundation collaborates with partner organizations on skill development for poor artisan communities in order to empower their artisans and help them establish their artistic identities. Through rug weaving, these initiatives achieve self-sufficiency and a higher level of living. Along with weaving instruction, weavers should receive design training to help them shift from being craftspeople to artists with ease. 
Manchaha, which translates to “Expression of my heart” in Hindi, is a sustainable development project that allows weavers to create their own rugs for the first time. By fostering their potential and converting a community from exploitation to empowerment, the Jaipur Rugs Foundation’s design initiative taps into the unbridled creative capacity in rural India. Manchaha, which began as an experiment, has astounded the world with unique designs that are on par with those of professionals throughout the world. In a unique way, this social innovation has preserved the vanishing ancient craft of hand-knotting by reigniting the love of weaving via unrestrained expression. It aims to transform the economy by fostering confidence and a regular income. Additionally, each rug is manufactured from surplus batches of hand-spun yarn, reducing industry-wide waste that had no practical use. 
The representation of craftspeople on national and international platforms results from this social innovation to free up design creativity within artisan communities. Each Manchaha creation represents the creator’s tale by uniting their emotions, character, and dreams. Around 2018, Manchaha awards began to exist. 215 Manchaha prizes were given out between 2021 and 2022, bringing numerous stories to life. This year, artists received gifts that had actually been necessities for them up until that point. Depending on the prize amount, they received their choice of necessities, such as a refrigerator, washing machine, gold coin, almirah, etc. Every craftsman who came forward to weave their visions and inner thoughts in the most captivating way found appreciation thanks to the event.

Jaipur Rugs Foundation

In addition to Manchaha honours, numerous carpets have also received recognition from abroad or are being displayed in the homes of eminent figures. The Manchaha project led to the emergence of numerous motivational tales. A case in point is the tale of Bimla Devi, who received the German Design Award for her Manchaha “Kamal.” Our modest Bimla Devi proudly accepted the honour amidst eminent designers and painters. 
Jaipur Rugs Foundation and Royal Rajasthan Foundation launched The Social Innovation and Manchaha Design Lab to broaden the creative capabilities of their artisans. In order to generate ideas, insights, design prototypes, and share knowledge about scalable innovations within the crafts and design stream that will sustain the livelihoods in the villages, it is being developed as an experimentation and knowledge hub for women artisans and designers in the rural clusters. The Social Innovation and Design Lab brought the best designers to the artisans’ doorsteps and gave them a variety of intersectional experiences that connected rural India to the world stage while also questioning the social conventions and doctrines of traditional design schools.