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Intel® Digi-Read Program: Demystifying AI for All, Making Tech Accessible to Everyone

Intel® Digi-Read Program

Intel® Digi-Read Program – Intel’s corporate mission is to develop game-changing technology that improves the lives of everyone on the planet. Intel invented silicon, and now we use our reach, scale, and resources to achieve ambitious goals. Their mission is straightforward: technology for all, including partnership in 30 countries, digital access for 30,000 institutions, and training for 30 million individuals. They launched the Intel Digital Readiness Programs around the world in collaboration with government, academia, civil society, and industry stakeholders. 

Six programs comprise the Digital Readiness Program portfolio, each geared at a different population and addressing a unique need. These programs provide non-technical audiences with the necessary skill sets, perspectives, toolkits, and chances to use technology effectively and responsibly in an AI-fueled society. 

One of the six programs, AI for Citizens, was launched in India in 2021 by our Hon. Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi. According to India’s national AI plan, the program is known as AI for All. It is a 4-hour self-paced learning program designed to create awareness of Artificial Intelligence. It is aimed at the general population with a non-technical background who have access to the internet and want to learn more about AI.   

AI for All is accessible in 11 Indian languages and works with a variety of accessibility features. Over the last two years, the initiative has reached out to over 4.1 million residents from all 50 states and territories. It provides a basic grasp of AI, its promise, and its drawbacks. It also provides an introduction to the common fields of AI and related concerns. The program is in line with the Government of India’s wider goal of developing an AI-ready populace that is well-prepared for the digital economy. 

Intel® Digi-Read Program

There are several tales of how AI for All helped recipients improve their personal and professional life. Some have gained technical confidence, others are able to hold AI discussions with their wards, earning their wards’ respect, yet others have begun using AI-linked apps to improve their professional lives, and still more have become role models for their community. Here are some of the inspiring and encouraging stories of ordinary people who completed the course: 

Malik Iqbal Miyan, a rickshaw driver from Gujarat’s Thasra village, used to struggle to make ends meet. His earnings were barely enough to fulfill his family’s necessities when he was living hand to mouth. His life, however, took a dramatic change in 2021, when he was introduced to the possibility of AI tools through his community’s “AI For All” initiative. Malik, who was previously afraid to take riders to strange locations, now utilizes Google Maps confidently to navigate even the most remote spots, and his earnings have improved dramatically as a result of his newfound confidence and AI expertise. 

A cheerful Malik is glad he accepted the opportunity to complete the AI for All Program, and he openly acknowledges its role in broadening his knowledge, giving him the confidence to use internet programs properly, and, as a result, increasing his financial well-being. 

Saba, a transgender 27-year-old from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India, recalls enrolling in the AI for All training program in 2021. Her quest to find her own identity had not been simple. She hesitantly agreed to participate in the AI for All Program, but by the end, she was brimming with ideas for a better future for herself and the transgender community. She gained confidence in using digital tools by the end of her AI for All trip. Saba used the knowledge she received to start raising healthcare awareness in her community, campaigning for transgender rights, and creating inclusive material for social media.

Her community members now regard her as an inspiration. Her story exemplifies the program’s vision of empowering citizens to play an essential role in harnessing the potential of AI to improve the lives of all. 

Mukesh Prajapati, of Panthawada village in Banaskantha, Gujarat, used to have difficulty obtaining his Employee Provident Fund (EPF) from his private limited firm employers. The AI for All program adventure, on the other hand, proved to be quite useful to him. He heard about the UMANG app, a’mobile-first’ AI program aimed at making governance accessible to the general population, with his newfound confidence in using applications and websites. Mukesh was able to complete his EPF application with ease because to this knowledge. 

And the stories keep coming in as AI for All continues to empower people by democratizing and demystifying AI for everyday citizens. The AI for All program, which aims to empower 10 million individuals over the next three years, is poised to be India’s greatest mass AI skilling program.