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Infosys launches Topaz, an AI-first set of services, solutions, and platforms


On Tuesday, Infosys Ltd unveiled Infosys Topaz, an artificial intelligence-first suite of services, solutions, and platforms based on generative AI technology.

“It helps to amplify the potential of humans, businesses, and communities to capitalise on the next generation of opportunities to create value from unprecedented innovations, connected ecosystems, and pervasive efficiencies.” “Infosys Topaz leverages Infosys-applied AI framework to build an AI-first core that empowers people to deliver cognitive solutions that accelerate value creation,” claimed Infosys in a news release.

“Infosys Topaz is helping us amplify the potential of people – both our own and our clients,” said Salil Parekh, CEO & MD, Infosys. Our clients are showing a strong interest in efficiency and productivity-boosting programmes, even as they seek to safeguard their future growth. Infosys Topaz bringing the power of generative AI platforms and data solutions has greatly improved our own business operations. Today, our clients are forging new avenues to develop revenue-generating opportunities and grow with Infosys Topaz.”


“Over 12,000 use cases help to seed and accelerate new ideas.” For example, a food and beverage chain used Infosys Topaz to link unconnected data signals coming in from new partners in order to create a superior off-store consumer experience with >95% accuracy. “Infosys Topaz Generative AI Labs provides ready-to-use industry solutions to bring the value of AI to more functions, assisting businesses in becoming more cognitive, faster,” Infosys said.

Infosys Topaz democratises data and information to deliver value to more participants in the connected ecosystem, enabling them to establish revolutionary business models, AI-led products, services, and new income streams. For example, a national railway operator used Infosys Topaz to create a smart hub for profitably developing agile value-chains with best-fit market partners for functions such as first and last mile logistics. “With support from an ecosystem of over 100 industry networks and partnerships, Infosys Topaz enables businesses across industries,” the IT behemoth noted.

“As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver value to our clients, at British Telecom, we engaged with Infosys Topaz to offer AI-powered predictive analytics for various applications,” stated Hemanth Adapa, Product Owner – Predictive Analytics, BT E-Serve (India)

Infosys stated that its own transformation will be AI-first. “The company is using Infosys Topaz to bring the power of generative AI, analytics, and cloud to accelerate its own market offering evolution, enterprise transformation, even as it builds incremental value from micro-changes, to improve client service, reimagine business processes, software engineering, and boost productivity.” Nearly 50,000 reusable intelligent services, used in over 25,000 cases, enhance employees today.”