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Infosys Allocates Rs. 391.51 Crore for CSR Projects in Fiscal Year 2022-23


Infosys Limited, a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting, announced a Rs. 391.51 crore investment in various CSR projects for fiscal year 2022-23, demonstrating the company’s commitment to social responsibility.

Along with this substantial expenditure, Infosy’s annual report stated that an additional Rs. 64.39 crore was spent on project continuance from fiscal years 2021 and 2022. This allocation not only demonstrates Infosys’ long-term commitment to social concerns, but it also reinforces continuing efforts to have a lasting impact.

The organisation, known for aiding digital transformation for clients in over 56 countries, ensures that a percentage of its profits are directed towards societal improvement. In accordance with the Companies (Corporate Social Responsibility Policy) Rules, 2014, the company commits to these efforts at least 2% of the average net income from the three immediately preceding fiscal years.


An unspent balance of Rs. 45.33 crore, which was originally earmarked for different ongoing projects, will be transferred to the unspent Corporate Social Responsibility account for future use. The decision underscores Infosys’ strategic approach to Corporate Social Responsibility spending, ensuring that resources are utilised effectively for the targeted programmes.

Infosys’ financial pledge for fiscal year 2022-23 demonstrates its commitment to making a positive impact through its CSR programmes in India and around the world.

Infosys continues to promote change and make great achievements in community development and social enrichment by allocating significant funds to its CSR projects. Its continuing commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, particularly in these difficult circumstances, demonstrates that the company values its responsibility as a corporate citizen and is devoted to improving the communities in which it operates.