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Indigo and Vistara took CSR Seriously amid COVID-19 Crisis

Indigo and Vistara

Indigo and Vistara took CSR Seriously amid COVID-19

Indigo and Vistara – Even before the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world and inflicted further damage, the airline industry had experienced a loss in recent years. In the midst of this, most airlines throughout the world were losing money. However, this did not discourage many airlines from assisting in the pandemic’s fight through CSR. Let’s take a look at two Indian airlines that implemented CSR efforts in response to the pandemic and aided the country’s fight against it. 
When COVID-19 reached India in 2020, Vistara Airlines’ activities were put on hold for two months, with no money flowing in. Recognizing its social obligation, the airline began the Vistara Wellness Initiative in April 2020, partnering with Indian Hotels Company Ltd. (IHCL) and donating 50,000+ long-term food items from the flight kitchens to medical frontline personnel. Vistara Wellness Initiative’s mission was broadened to include providing food and sanitary items to anybody in need, particularly those from low-income neighbourhoods who were trying to make ends meet. The airline provided hundreds of dry ration packages and sanitizers to families of children it had been assisting for many years through its implementation partner, Salaam Baalak Trust. 
The company quickly expanded outside Delhi, activating its full network across India. It put together a wellness kit with hygiene and nutrition supplies. These kits were subsequently given in both rural and urban areas, among marginalised groups, in partnership with The Robin Hood Army. Vistara also brought on board like-minded partners such as Pee Safe, who sponsored hygiene items in the Vistara Wellness Initiative’s second phase, which took place in March 2021. Diverse stakeholders, such as government and airport authority officials, joined our airport personnel in the distribution drives throughout this phase. To date, the airline has provided over 1,40,000 wellness goods, benefiting over 18,000 people.

Indigo and Vistara

During this time, Vistara Airlines also started an Eco-Friendly Masks campaign to help women entrepreneurs achieve financial independence. The airline partnered with Ashima Foundation (sponsored by Tata Power) and Humana People to People India to create handcrafted, reusable cotton masks that were provided to employees as part of this campaign. This not only brought the ladies closer to financial security, but it also urged the employees to choose a more sustainable alternative to surgical masks. 
Indigo Airlines is an Indian low-cost carrier dedicated to making air travel accessible to all. Through its low-cost solutions and CSR initiatives, the airline contributes to the betterment of society’s standard of living. IndiGoReach is IndiGo‘s CSR initiative, through which the company implements programmes and processes to help its communities achieve sustainable development. 
One of IndiGoReach’s main foundations is education. IndiGoReach activities are aimed at educating poor children around the country. The company’s education initiative now touches 44,400+ students who are enrolled in recognised schools. IndiGo launched unique steps to promote learning across many states of India to guarantee that students do not miss their classes during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown. IndiGoReach is covering 5,000 kids from Class 6 to 10 in 25 rural Government schools across the Badgaon and Kurabad areas of the Udaipur district as part of one of its education interventions.

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