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Indian Oil celebrated International women’s day; Chairman, SAIL graced the event

Indian Oil

Indian Oil celebrated International women’s day

Indian Oil – International Women’s Day

“Today was a wonderful day to join an extraordinary group of women IOC members to celebrate the essence of justice that  seeks to uphold on International Women’s Day. Their backgrounds provide an environment and environment in which to grow and excel.

Mrs. Graceful Presence Soma Mondal, President of SAIL, made the event even more special, facing every challenge to reach the top of the company via  Ladder As a person, her thoughts have been very inspiring to the IOCians, and their insights on professional decision-making and personal lives have greatly enriched the programme.

Indian Oil

IndianOil is at the forefront of women’s empowerment and believes it is important to level the playing field  every step of the way to achieve true excellence for  At Aarohi, our flagship female leadership coaching program, in five batches she has trained nearly 100 women to prepare them for senior management positions. On a social level, the  Vidushi and Medha Chhatravritti

Scholarship is her two of many pioneering initiatives to assist young women in India in pursuing fulfilling careers.

But real justice still has a long way to go. We must continue to speak loudly and clearly on the issues that matter, Then take concrete steps that make a tangible difference.

Today, I am happy to report that we have taken a big step forward.

Promote gender equality by introducing more empowering maternity leave policies. These are based on previous guidelines Emphasis is placed on promoting business travel for female employees, especially mothers with young children. but politics Little can be done without them being supported and implemented in words and spirits. we have to keep working on it Cultural ideas about gender responsibility.