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On Agnipath scheme, Indian Air Force released detailed information

Agnipath scheme

Indian Air Force released detailed note on Agnipath scheme

In the midst of widespread demonstrations by candidates for defense jobs in numerous states demanding the withdrawal of the new model, the Indian Air Force released details of the Agnipath scheme for enlisting soldiers for a limited time on Sunday. 
A applicant accepted into the force will be subject to the Air Force Act, 1950, according to the IAF’s comment on the programme, which referred to Agnipath scheme as a new human resources management strategy for the armed forces. 
The IAF stated that save in exceptional circumstances and with the agreement of the appropriate authorities, the recruits’ discharge at their own request prior to the end of the engagement period will not be permitted. 
The 29-point note includes information on the new enrolment scheme’s eligibility requirements, compensation package, medical and CSD (Canteen Stores Department) facilities, disability compensation, how to calculate how disabled someone is, leave options, and training opportunities, among other things. 
According to the IAF, parents or legal guardians must sign the enrolment form for people under the age of 18 in compliance with any current regulations. 
The Agnipath programme, which was unveiled on June 14, calls for the hiring of young people in the 17-and-a-half to 21-year-old age range for only four years, with an option to keep 25% of them for an additional 15 years. Later, the government raised the maximum age to 23 for hiring in 2022. 
The people who will be hired under the new plan will be referred to as Agniveers. 
“After the four-year period, all Agniveers will reintegrate into society. Agniveers who have left the service, however, will be given the chance to seek for enlistment in the regular cadre of the IAF in accordance with organizational requirements and policies published by the IAF “IAF reported.

Agnipath scheme

These applications will be evaluated by a centralized board in a transparent manner, it said, and not more than 25% of the strength of the particular batch of original Agniveer. Based on their performance, be enlisted in the IAF. Each Agniveer’s skills will be documented in a certificate that will be included on his resume. 
The government will have sole authority over the Agniveers‘ selection for additional military service and they will have no right to it. 
It said that only individuals who have finished their engagement period as Agniveers will be eligible for further registration as airmen into the regular cadre of the IAF, with the exception of medical tradesmen. 
The IAF stated that Agniveers participating in the programme are subject to assignment to any role in the organization’s best interests. According to the current rules, they will be eligible for honours and prizes. 
The IAF stated that “distinctive insignia will be worn by Agniveers on their uniform during their engagement period to promote and recognise dynamism of youth.”