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India to have new Vande Bharat Express in saffron colour

New Vande Bharat Express

The new Vande Bharata Express, which is now under construction, will be painted saffron to match the Indian tricolour. The statement was made by Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw on Saturday during a visit to the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai.

The new Vande Bharat Express will have a variety of upgrades over earlier models, including faster acceleration and deceleration, more energy efficiency, and more comfortable seating.

The train will also include Wi-Fi, CCTV cameras, and LED lighting.

New Vande Bharat Express

The choice to paint the new Vande Bharata Express saffron has elicited conflicting opinions. Some have hailed the decision, calling it an appropriate tribute to the Indian flag. Others have criticised the decision, claiming it is unneeded and might be interpreted as a political message.

The Railway Ministry has justified the decision, claiming that it is simply a gesture to honour the Indian flag. The ministry further stated that the colour saffron is not affiliated with any political party and is commonly utilised in religious and cultural activities.

The new Vande Bharata Express is projected to be a popular addition to the Indian railway network. It is a contemporary, high-speed train that will provide passengers with a comfortable and convenient method to travel. The bold decision to paint it saffron is likely to be praised by many Indians.