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IIT Mandi startup uses green-tech to make useable products from steel mills waste

IIT Mandi startup

IIT Mandi startup uses green-tech to make products from steel waste

IIT Mandi startup – Mandi, a start-up based at the Indian Institute of Technology, converts trash from steel mills into useable products using green technology that doesn’t need any energy, electricity, or a flame and is fully pollution-free. Steel mills produce a large amount of trash, the majority of which is disposed of in landfills, polluting the environment. 
Satinder Nath Gupta and his son Sandeep Gupta launched Green Trek, a Jammu and Kashmir-based start-up that employs extractive metallurgy to combat pollution. 
Officials say the team uses clean combustion processes to reduce the garbage to a high-iron metal that can then be reused by businesses like shipbuilding and stone crushing operations, oil and gas plants, and power plants. 
We are working on a circular economy model using extractive metallurgy, in which greenhouse emissions are reduced and a sustainable waste management technique is followed,” Sandeep told PTI.
“We invented a process that consumes less energy, requires no power or a furnace, is pollution-free, and emits minimum greenhouse gases.” The final product is molten meal with a 99.6% iron content, which is subsequently blended with other metals to create a variety of high-value steel and alloys.

IIT Mandi startup

Green Trek’s goal is to provide high-quality green steel products while simultaneously leading the way in solid waste management in India and around the world.  
The team inked a memorandum of understanding to establish a permanent factory in Himachal Pradesh to serve top companies such as Ultratech, ACC, and Ambuja Cement. 
The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding is to assist Green Trek in establishing a green steel recycling firm that will offer spares to local heavy industries such as cement plants and stone crushers while decreasing greenhouse gas emissions through its innovative manufacturing method.

In this context, the government would expedite the necessary clearances, licenses, and assistance to green trek as needed “Sandeep went on to say. 

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