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With Vaccine on Wheels Program, United Way Mumbai and HSBC give 2.6L COVID Vaccines for Low-Income Communities

Vaccine on Wheels Program

Through The Vaccine on Wheels Program, United Way Mumbai and HSBC provide COVID Vaccines

Mumbai: The Indian government is continuing its efforts to promote immunization in both urban and rural areas of the country in the fight against COVID-19. United Way Mumbai has ramped up efforts to improve last-mile outreach to people in low-income and vulnerable communities, such as immunizations at their doorsteps or within tiny communities. The Vaccine On Wheels program in Mumbai, which was developed in partnership with BMC and Jivika Healthcare Private and financed by HSBC, has given mobile immunization services, enabling clinical staff to connect out to poor neighborhoods. 
Vaccine-On-Wheels (VoW) provides Mobile Vaccination Clinics as well as back-end cold-chain storage facilities. To handle any bad cases, a leased car is equipped with an Adverse Event Following Immunization kit. 
Beneficiary communities were chosen in collaboration with the respective state governments and local corporations, which analyzed and determined areas where such assistance was most needed. These recipients were from socioeconomically deprived communities. They belonged to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, infirm, and bedridden, disabled people with access concerns, socially disadvantaged people such as commercial sex workers, and other people with specific needs. 
“United Way Mumbai has been actively responding to the pandemic at every step of its evolution in India, strengthening civic hospitals’ infrastructure, training frontline workers, ration and food distribution, helping migrant population get home, and so on,” said Mr. George Aikara, Chief Executive Officer, United Way Mumbai. Because vaccines are the only way to stop the pandemic, the majority of our efforts have focused on overcoming vaccine hesitancy and administering vaccines to poor and ignored populations across the country.”

The Vaccine on Wheels program

Mr Suresh Kakani, Additional Commissioner, BMC, spoke about the efforts of the team in Mumbai, saying, “The landmark programme in the history of Immunization was launched on 16th January’2021 And BMC has administered more than 2 crore doses and 99 percent of the eligible population above 18 years of age is fully vaccinated.” The assistance and coordinated efforts of the public and private sectors, as well as numerous government and non-government organizations such as United Way Mumbai, made this massive endeavor possible. The BMC is grateful for Vaccine On Wheels’ and United Way Mumbai’s efforts in collaborating on this vaccination programme.” 
“As part of our continued commitment to community development efforts, we at HSBC India have funded several community-level interventions to help relief operations against COVID-19,” says Aloka Majumdar, head of corporate sustainability at HSBC India. Our collaboration with United Way Mumbai aims to address the long-term issues of providing healthcare and rehabilitation to the pandemic’s vulnerable and disenfranchised populations. HSBC India has been able to sponsor vaccines for 2,30,000 people across vulnerable areas thanks to its cooperation with United Way Mumbai. 
With the help of HSBC India, Deloitte, and others, United Way Mumbai has already vaccinated over 2,60,000 people in Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. The group now operates 31 mobile vaccination vans in rural and urban regions, with a goal of delivering at least 2,90,000 doses by April 30th, 2022. 

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