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Honeywell completed its Engineering Assessment for a New Aromatic Plant


Honeywell Completes Its Engineering Assessment

Malaysia: On August 29, Honeywell stated that they have finished the engineering evaluation for the Greenfield Integrated Condensate Splitter & Aromatic Complex at Pengerang Energy Complex (PEC) in Johor, Malaysia. The project will produce 2.3 million tonnes of aromatics annually once it is fully operational in 2026. The principal feedstock for the aromatics plant, heavy naphtha, will be produced by the condensate splitter. 
In December 2021, Honeywell received the technology licencing deal from ChemOne Group, the PEC project’s master developer. One of the most significant petrochemical products, para-Xylene, will be produced by ChemOne using Honeywell UOP’s most recent generation of LD Parex technology. Para-Xylene is a crucial component of PTA (purified terephthalic acid), which is used to make polyester for fabric and PET (polyethylene terephthalate) chips for carbonated soft drink and water bottles. 
Vice-President and General Manager of Honeywell UOP Asia Matt Spalding expressed satisfaction that the engineering assessment was finished on time. “ChemOne’s project plan for PEC in Malaysia is visionary, and Honeywell is happy to play a role in the development and improvement of the country’s petrochemical industry.”


PEC wants to create a facility of the highest caliber that can promote social advancement, economic development, and environmental conservation for the current generation—all without jeopardizing the possibility of a healthy ecosystem for future generations. According to PEC’s CEO, Mr. Alwyn Bowden, the company wants to build a cutting-edge aromatics complex in Southeast Asia that is sustainable and energy-efficient to serve the larger Asian market. 
A substantial advancement on the company’s groundbreaking project had been made, he added, and they were thrilled to announce it: “We are glad to work with our valued colleagues at Honeywell UOP for this massive greenfield development. With the petrochemical industry expected to expand, PEC is well-positioned to provide profitable growth, support local employment, and advance Malaysia along the petrochemical value chain. 
He continued, “Market-leading advanced aromatics processing technologies from Honeywell UOP will result in decreased energy consumption, increased aromatics production, lower capital and energy costs, and greater feedstock flexibility, allowing the PEC plant to become one of the most advanced, energy- and carbon-efficient facilities in its class.