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Hindustan Zinc to setup 30 KTPA plant to produce zinc alloys: Arun Misra

produce zinc alloys

HZL gets nod to set up 30 KTPA plant to produce zinc alloys

According to CEO Arun Misra of Hindustan Zinc, a member of the Vedanta group, the company is trying to increase its presence to produce zinc alloys and has been given permission to build a 30 KTPA plant. 
The change will allow the company to supply goods with added value made of zinc alloy on the domestic market and allow for the production of those goods. 
In the company’s integrated annual report for 2021–2022, Misra stated, “As we forge ahead toward the fulfilment of our ambitions, we are also looking at expanding our footprint in the production of zinc alloys and have obtained the Consent to Establish (CTE) a 30 kt plant for Hindustan Zinc Alloys Pvt Ltd (HZAPL).”

HZL to produce zinc alloys

Hindustan Zinc subsidiary Hindustan Zinc Alloys Pvt Ltd. 
The factory would reportedly be built in Dariba, Rajasthan, according to reports. 
The business also makes down-stream investments in the creation of new products. 
He added that the company has received board approval to pursue a long-term captive renewable power development plan, up to a capacity of 200 mw, in support of its net-zero objective. 
The action is consistent with the company’s strategy objective to minimize reliance on thermal power by scaling up our renewable energy to satisfy 50% of our energy requirements in the next three years and lower greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its operations. 
Additionally, it has agreed to set goals for our net-zero commitment with CDP’s science-based incubator initiative for FY’22. 
The corporation is constantly seeking to lessen the environmental impact of its operations and its carbon footprint. These initiatives aim to enhance the usage of renewable energy in its plants and operations while also ensuring that natural resources are used as efficiently as possible. 
According to the company, the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) policy is centred on ensuring the safety and health of its employees and the workplace.