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Himachal Pradesh CM seeks corporate role in upkeep of old-age homes, orphanages

Himachal Pradesh CM

Himachal Pradesh CM seeks corporate role

Himachal Pradesh CM – On Thursday, Himachal Pradesh CM, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said that appropriate management of these old age homes and orphanages must be prioritised so that the inmates are not inconvenienced. 
Thakur told a meeting of the HP Child Welfare Council (HP CWC) that because the state is a ‘Dev Bhoomi,’ people in the state have a generally humanitarian attitude, and only a few examples of families abandoning parents and elderly people have been reported. However, because the department’s old-age facilities house a large number of elderly people, greater administration is essential. 
He urged for more efforts to motivate the private sector to contribute to the council’s smooth operation through Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and to the council’s projects. Additionally, efforts should be made to encourage people to join the council as life members in order to ensure that the general public participates actively. 
The chief minister proposed that life membership in the Parishad be increased from Rs 5,000 to Rs 11,000, as it is now. 
He added that the council should also encourage the general public and donors to help with the effective management of these nursing facilities. Corporate houses must also be encouraged to engage in programmes that benefit this underserved group of people.

Himachal Pradesh CM

The Social Welfare Department is one of the agencies with a lot of potential for aiding mankind in need, and the state government will provide all necessary assistance to organizations that run such facilities, according to the CM. 
Thakur then virtually inaugurated a CT Scan Machine at Dr Radhakrishanan Government Medical College (RKGMC), Hamirpur, which was built by Boeing India Company at a cost of Rs 1.24 crore as part of the CSR and Doctor for You’ project. 
He stated that the installation of this machine has met a long-standing need of the residents of the region. The current state government has accelerated the construction of the Medical College, and he visited the site during his last visit to Hamirpur and directed the authorities concerned to speed up the construction work of this ambitious project so that a few blocks could be dedicated to the people by the end of July, he stated. 
In the state, 48 PSA oxygen plants with a total capacity of 59 metric tonnes had been built. To assist the residents of the area, 1,014 ventilators have been provided at health institutions, and an 800 LPM capacity PSA oxygen plant has been erected in Dr. Radhakrishanan Government Medical College, Hamirpur.

He also mentioned that Rs 322 crore is being invested on the construction of a new Medical College campus at Jol Sapper.